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Is Romance dead? And I don’t mean in a literal sense because I do know that there are some folk that still go hard for the romance genre and the genre is STILL very profitable but…how do you dear reader feel about romance reads at this very moment?

Me? Eh, I’m not feeling it as much as say when I first started blogging. Just about every book I read was a romance, but to date…I’m pretty much am not all that interested in the genre as much as I use to be. Do I still read some romance books? Sure I do, but I find myself of late getting bored. I know for me, there is a lot of repetitiveness as far as books in this genre go. I mean how many rich billionaires finding love with the poor girl of his dreams can we read about? How many willfully TSTL (too stupid to live) chicks we we have to suffer through? Hell, even vampires have gotten to be a bit old and I’m a huge fan of vamps.

Not to say there aren’t some gems out there because there most definitely are, I’m just wondering is all. So again, how do you feel dear fellow reader?  

I'm sure my I'll get that ol' feeling about the romance back again one of these days but for now? *shrugs*. 

And don’t you guys who write romance get your panties in a knot, okay? I’m just posing a question to my fellow readers. This post isn’t to disrespect your genre or your craft. I do have a question for authors though. Do you ever feel like "fudge this"? and What keeps you in "the game" amid some of the bs that tend to goe on at times?

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