Movie: Girls Trip (2017)

Friday, August 4, 2017

Girls Trip
2 Hrs
Rated: R

I just wanted to talk about the movie girls trip. if you not seen it, I highly suggest you grab yourself and a couple of your girlfriends and go see the movie. It's a wonderfully awesome movie, especially for black women. I think that in "Hollywood" or in the movie industry itself, we don't get a whole lot of movies where black women are portrayed positively. And also, this movie just isn't for black women only, its really for women in general.

So this synopsis of this movie is that you have the four friends who met in college and became fast friends and then throughout the years, they have always had each others back through the best and worst of times BUT as I always say, life gets in the way, folks grow and all dat stuff and these fours girls separate. Sooo after five, yes...FIVE years of not seeing each other, they decide that the "flosse posse" must get back together. They do this at the annual Essence Fest that goes yearly in New Orleans (and if you don't know what Essence Fest is or Essence Magazine is, then I don't know who you are right now, lols. But Imma a link it for you folks "who don't know").

But anyhoo's the movie is centered around Essence Fest and these friends getting back together. Now you have your four girls, Ryan (Regina Hall), Sasha (Queen Latifah), Lisa (Jada Pinkett Smith) and Dina (Tiffany Haddish). Ryan is the more successful of the friends and seems to have "it all". But all that's seen in the light is not all "it is" if you know what I mean and the girls find this all out while on their vacation. And this isn't to say that all of the girls don't have their own issues going on because they do. There are unsaid things between them, unresolved issues and all that so it was pretty empowering to see these women, mainly black women just getting away, having fun while trying to resolve the sometimes messiness of their lives and friendship.

The movie is so well done and gives you a great dynamic of the friendships that women are able to maintain even when are going through our issues. The four actresses above also did a really awesome job of bringing something a little extra their characters.

And Ryan's speech at the end of the movie had everyone in theater I was in in tears, I truly don't think there was a dry eye in the house. Her speech touched upon so many things that we as women go through all.the.damn.time. Like how we are expected to be so "strong" and "supportive" even when we don't truly want to be part of a situation anymore.

Well worth the movie $$ spent, go see it!
Best part of the movie for me truly was the bar fight:

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  1. Great review...The ladies made this movie for sure. So I think Hollywood need to recognize the star power in WOC

  2. This is definitely been on my list to see, and love the people in the movie. I totally agree, I think as women we need to bond and support each other much more than we do. Thanks for warning me that I'll be crying. (lol) Hugs and Happy Friday! RO

  3. Fantastic review. I agree completely. It was a wonderful movie. I'm still chuckling at some of those scenes.

  4. I think that I am going to see it tomorrow. Thanks for the great review!

    1. Its def worth going to see. I predict this will be a top 2017 movie ;)