I Hate Shopping....

Friday, September 15, 2017

Life's a B**ch, then you DiE (When Shopping That is....)
Tomorrow I'm taking the teenager shopping..ugh! And it's not that I don't love my kid and or don't want to spend time with him but ya'll...I hate shopping in any form. This is me when I have to go shopping:

Then to go with a kid that loves to shop and wanna ask me how does everything look. I mean...where did this kid come from? Oh yeah, that's the baby daddy's gene in him. And by the way, I can't be one of the parents that sits in the food court and just eat, read (sneak my liquor nips into my fountain lemonade)....you know mind my business until he finish. Oh noooo! I gotta go into every store with him.

Also me (I'm telling ya'll, I can and will be dRaMaTiC at times):

It's funny because most times when I tell people I hate shopping, they look at me like I have two heads or say something like "I thought women love to shop" (mostly dumb ass men). Well, I'm not every woman *singing in my Chaka Khan voice*. I hate when my family/friends ask "do you want to go shopping with me?" I'm looking like bish, you know me! You know I don't like no shopping. The only person I go with is my mom and either of my sons (hint: my mom has to force me or bribe me, lols). 

Either way, I hate it. So wish me luck tomorrow. Pray, I survive. Maybe I'll pick up two books on my book list. 

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