It Wasn't Scary But Pennywise?...

Movie: It (2017) | Genre: Horror, Drama | Time: 2 hr, 15 mns

So no, no...It was not scary. I think it pretty much stayed true to the original 1990 series with the exception of one major thing. I will get to that thing in a few.

But let's discuss the person or THING that scared the shit out of me during most ALL of the movie. Yep, that would be Pennywise (Uhm, hats off to Bill SkarsgĂ„rd...cause NINJA! You did the damn thang!). I have to hand it to the director of this movie because the scenes with Penny were fucking scary. Scary to the point where I was screaming every time his big ass head (and not in the late night text manner of  'hey big head' either) hit the screen. I gave myself and my mom (who had the unfortunate position of sitting next to me) a headache, lols. There was this one scene where his ass walked out of a film projector and.....

You know what? never mind, if you haven't seen it...I can't talk about it because I can't do flashbacks at this moment. If you saw the movie, then you know what I'm talking about and...yeah....YOU.know. what.I'm.taking.about.

I liked how the characters decided to face their fears to fight back a mudafuga who decides he wants to come back every twenty-seven gahtdamn years and pretty much, scare and kill kids...SMH. But that's what Pennywise was, a evil entity that fed off of fear.

Now to get to what I didn't like. Mainly, I didn't appreciate how they reduced Mike's character in the movie because if you ever watched the original, it was Mike who figured out about the town of Derry and Pennywise. No disrespect to Ben but how ya'll gonna basically give Ben Mike's part? Ya'll pretty much reduced Mikes character to almost nothing and I got's questions. Mainly WhytheAF?!

And like how did Ben get curved throughout the whole damn movie? Ben pretty much saved Beverley's ass and does he gets the glory? Hell no, that goes to his friend Bill, SMDH. But now that I think back to the original movie, it pretty much happened that way too. I like you Bev but really girl? How you gonna do a dude like that? He.SAVED.YOU.GIRL!

All and all, It was pretty damn good and Pennywise was as I said fucking scary. My family won't get me again, I tell you that. Anyway's, go see if you have the vocal chords and yeah, if clowns don't creep you the hell out.

Did I tell ya'll I hate clowns? No? Yeah, I HATE those creepy fuckers...I do.


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