Times Are A Bit Crazy....Self Care Is Important

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Hey Ya’ll,

How are you all doing? With so much “going on” in this country right about now IN addition to much the craziness going on in my personal life, I thought I would do a self-care post because we...or I really, really need it. And I know we must stay tuned into the goings on around us because many things can/will affect us…some in small ways, some in big ways.

But! Even in stressful times, we must take care of ourselves; physically and mentally. But importantly mentally, especially if you have anxiety or any other issue that can/will get your pressure up.

Me? I’m limiting my intake of things.
  • Social Media – I deleted Twitter from my phone (because for me that’s the worse). Yes, you do get more updated information from the birdie app BUT twitter is also a dumpster fire that attracts the worst of the worst, IMO. I’ve decided to only check it when I’m home and only for 30 to 45 minutes. Facebook, I been unfriended/un-followed many people (same on Twitter). Lately I’m only posting pictures (old/new) and my rage at certain TV show characters, lols. At this point, Instagram, Snapchat & Youtube are my only “user friendly” app and that’s because I made an effort to ONLY follow people I see who don’t post nonsense and/or drama. Now, I do follow the Shade Room on Instagram (it’s a gossip blog) but hey, a little gossip ain’t never hurt nobody, lols. But I also made a BIG effort not to read comments on anybody’s social media. People really need to find a way to be cruel and nasty in comment sections. It's always the worst…always.
  • I started to make a concentrated effort to catch up on my TBR list and read more (still struggling some). But it’s wonderful to just get lost in a book when the world is going bat shit crazy. I've been reading a lot of science fiction/fantasy. Don't make no sense that fake worlds sound/look better than the real one....
  • I started removing myself from toxic people, relationships and situations. Offline and Online, Personal and Business. Listen, if you with that bull mess…then you can go kick a big rock with your pinky toe because I simply refuse to engage in messiness. That’s why I started watching a bit of reality TV again.
I’ve simply started de-cluttering my life folks. Doing good/better things for the betterment of myself and my sanity. I’ve made it my personal mission to simply…take care of me. People will drain the whole life out of you because they are energy vampires and sometimes, they just don't care. Then they get mad at you when you no longer want to give them your energy. I simply just don't care to give people the opportunity to suck at my neck any longer.

Now does this mean that I will be willfully ignorant about current state of events, well no. But I won’t let it consume me either. We’ve been here for a long time and no matter how much some people assist on dragging us backwards, literally knuckles first…the rest of us with good common sense always manage to find a way to survive the worst until it gets better. But in the meantime, we still must take care of ourselves so that when the bad times are finally behind us…we can embrace a future with happy open arms.

So what are you doing to take care of yourself?

Grown ass woman, Mother, reader, drinker of the red wines, not so serious makeup enthusiast and finally...a habitual procrastinator. I read just about everything but I really do love my romances. HEA’s are optional because hell sometimes, Prince Charming really is just a frog. Don’t asked if I finished *that book* yet...because I didn’t.

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  1. Here,here! Allllll of this post is absolutely right and timely! I limit what I post on social media simply because I have no interest in debating issues that are important to me with strangers. People lose all sense of civility and human decency when they get in the comment section. I hope that your self care brings you much joy!

  2. First, thank goodness I'm still around in your groups, girl! (lol) I blogged about this a little when it comes to Social Media. Sometimes you have to step back and unplug so you can get the balance needed for your own sanity. Like you, I'm trying to focus on other things like couponing and playing around with my planner which has been fun. I also still enjoy reading for relaxation and joy. Keep doing what makes you happy. That's always best! Hugs...RO

  3. Yes, I agree that these things help you get back to healthy. I cleaned out my media accounts back in January of 'friends' or 'followers' that ONLY post those sorts of things that get my gut churning (I left people remain if they have the occasional opinion even if it doesn't match my own b/c I need a variety of folks in my life).
    But what I've also done is two things. Like you, I limit time on social media to literally fifteen minutes a day, but I've also gone to a day each week (it floats around depending on schedule) where I don't get online at all.
    And yes!!! Reading the books I already have or from the library has been my big push this year. :)
    Plus I've added going for at least a short walk each day to keep those happy-tonins flowing nicely.

    Great post, Sharonda!

  4. I'm glad I'm not part of the group you removed. It takes a lot of courage to move on from people that are toxic coz some of them we've known a long time. But we have to be protective of our peace and happiness so I support you.

    And I agree, Twitter will suck you in!