Vacation Over...Booo! Lols

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Hey Ya'll!

Look whose back, Back from sunny Florida. Oh what fun it was! It was so quiet and country! but I loved it. I seriously think I may retire to good ol Panama City. It's a beach town surrounded by swamps, open roads and all that. The beach is a good stretch and they're like shopping center, restaurants and the likes to keep you busy. I felt like Panama City is where you go to relax. You want to party, you may want to hit Miami and I wasn't in the partying mood, lols.

So I traveled United Airlines (thank goodness for no problems cuase you know they been in the news for some ol boolmess lately). Now, because I haven't flown in like...forevers, it took my a minute to catch my bearings but once I got it, I got it.  Here's my only complaints.

1. Everyone should get a meal especially if the flight is 3 or more hours and you have layovers. I just think it is ridiculous, especially for the price of the tickets. I mean ain't none of them cheap! Juice and chips ain't gonna do it, they just ain't.

2. United has the thing where they break passengers into groups when boarding which is fine. I will say check in online or via their app at least 24 hours in advance of your flight because more than likely you will end up in the 3rd group. They also have this premier access thingy which you pay an additional $25 dollars to get on the plane first (group 1&2). That has got to be the biggest scam I've ever seen because if your ass is sitting at the back of the plane (say seat 35A, what's the point? Shit, you still gotta wait until the folk in the front disembark first...sooooooo. Do other airlines do this too?
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Also my preference are the bigger planes. Let me tell ya'll, we took a small plane into Panama City airport and I was petrified the entire flight. Plus, there were no phone chargers, no TV  with free movies...just sad.

The best thing was I didn't have to pay for lodging because you know...that friend :D. So I got driven around, ate my life away...

I slept almost a whole day in the backyard. This view that had me drowsy in about 5 seconds, lols. 
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Went to the beach too. Unfortunately, I didn't get to read as much as I wanted to but just riding around on smooth back roads and chilling was the best part for me. I'll be going back again after the Holidays and I can't wait! 

Now, both my sons want to go on vacation with me next time and I'm like...

Well, anyolhoo's I'm back. I'll be reviewing The Truth of Things by Tasha L. Harrison. Girls! It was good ass read! 

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  1. Welcome back! I'm glad you had such a great time. I visited Panama City on business many years ago, and it rained for 2 days, and we had 1 sunny day of fun. That food sure looks yummy! Hugs...

  2. thanks Ro! it rained one day while I was down there but stopped eventually :D

  3. I am happy to see you had a great vacation darling!! Its always good to relax and take time for ourselves right?

    1. thank you! my dear <3 Oh you ain't never lied! it is the best, can't wait to do more