Book Review: The Diamond Empire by K'wan

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Title: The Diamond Empire | Author: K'wan | Source: NetGalley | Format: eBook | Published: October 10 2017 | Genre: Street Literature | Available via Amazon *Book Cover and buy link below | Also available via Barnes & Noble | Shelf It via Goodreads

The Diamond Empire is a gritty and suspenseful drama filled read, but as I stated on Goodreads; I struggled with it.

I haven't read "street literature" in a very long while so when I saw this title on NetGalley, I was pleasantly surprised if not a bit shocked but instantly clicked on "request". To simply put, the draw of street lit is the true to life feel of the stories. The hard core street life that the characters live is...I don't know quite how to put it, but its engaging.

I have no issue with violence, sex or drugs in a book because these things run across many genres in publishing. My issue with The Diamond Empire and some books like it is the lack of character development. IMO each and every character lacked substance, everyone was a walking stereotype. The one dimensional aspects of these characters also led to a lack of story plot. It's no different with this book, everyone wants to be King of or a Boss Bitch which  of course leads to mayhem and murder. This is fine because that's what street lit is but when parts of the plot makes no sense, when some of the characters actions don't make jive; it's makes you wonder how the author let things just sit.

I wanted to like The Diamond Empire, but I realized as I finished it that this genre just isn't my cup of tea anymore. And this is no disrespect to the genre or the author because both will always have a audience, I'm just no longer part of it. However, if you are a fan of street lit; then this is definitely right up your alley.

*Note that this is a follow up to the first book, Diamonds and Pearls. I don't think you have to read the fist one to get a good grasp of the story as the author inputs enough backstories throughout the book.

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