Book Review: The Truth of Things by Tasha L. Harrison

Friday, October 6, 2017

Title: The Truth of Things | Author: Tasha L. Harrison | Source: Self Purchased | Format: eBook | Published: September 5, 2017: Genre: African American Romance | Available via Amazon | *Book Cover and Buy link below this post

The Truth Of Things is a title I tell you, but it's also a very good story going on within this little old eBook. The story centers around characters Ava Marie Greene, a photographer and Levi Raymond, a cop who just happens to patrol the city where Ava lives and works which is Camden NJ. Shot out to the author for making Jersey the home of our characters as I tend to see few of them and it's always good to see.

Ava and Levi meet on a night that she is roughly mishandled by another officer. There are many layers to the this tale and we aren't just talking about Ava's and Levi's romantical hook-up. That in itself was fun to read. Ava talked shit and Levi seemed just the man to give it right back to her. As in most romances, they are and were a perfect ass match. Levi had his hurdles to jump when dealing with Ava because she was a many layered onion but Officer friendly did a wonderful job of giving Ms. Greene a run for her money.

What impressed me most about The Truth of Things is not just the easy way that Ava and Levi got together but this author doesn't shy away from the current tensioned-fill relationship that many black and brown communities deal with when it comes to the police. Especially when it comes to the current issue of many young black and brown men who are being killed by the very people whom are to protect and serve them but instead are murdering them and walking away freely. Yes, some of these young people may have a stained past or present for that matter but just like the character in this story, it touches upon the bias that many people of color face even when they are attempting OR have gotten their shit together. Even when they are now the victim, they are still the "suspect" in death.

Also, we read how Levi deals with his budding relationship with Ava, as well her friends as he is a cop and works with some not good people on the force. Levi being a cop and volunteering within the neighbor he patrols, how does he get through his day knowing that he does work with corrupt cops? How does he keep balance between "what" he sees in the community and "who" he works with/for?

Tasha L. Harrison brings a budding love, family, humor and tragedy together beautifully in The Truth of Things, it's a must read book for 2017 and beyond.

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  1. Great review. Sounds very interesting, and I do like books that have a more realistic take.

    1. Thanks! This one was an outstanding read, really enjoyed it.