Movie Review: Thor Ragnarok & Tuesday Jams #185

So I saw Thor: Ragnarok and it was good..and funny. I wasn't expecting the funnies, I really wasn't but I'm glad the director added them in. So basically, Thor along with his brother Loki have to save Asgard from their power crazy sister Hela, who just happens to be the Goddess of Death. Dad never told him nor Loki about Hela.

But we had that whole Loki is not your blood brother thing going on so....

Seems dear ol dad is good at keeping the secrets.

What's the take from this third installment of Thor? Welp, Thor and Loki seem to get along or do they? because towards the end when Loki went to grab something had me side eyeing him. But of course, we are dealing with Loki. Thor and this new Valkyrie (played by the gorgeous Tessa Thompson) have this sexual tension thangy going on or was I the only one who noticed that? The Hulk? no words man, he was just awesome as hell. And I mean the Hulk, not Banner. But mainly, Thor kinda comes into is own here and realizes his powers weren't always bound by his mighty hammer.

Anyhoo's with the added comedy skits from most everyone in the movie along with some bad ass, kick ass action, Thor Ragnarok is well worth your movie money. Much and I mean muuuccchhho better that the one before it...

This Thor is so much fun and it has that whole 80's thang going on with it. Yeah, I loved it.

And why not a #TuesdayJams to go along with this review....

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