#BookReview: The Wives We Play by Briana Cole

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Published: December 18, 2018
Publisher: Dafina
Available: Amazon | BN 
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Kimera is happy to be the side-chick to a very wealthy and already married Leo but then he proposes. Kicker is, Leo has no plans on leaving his wife or should I say Wives.

After having her heart broken by a former lover, Kimera decides to become one of Leo’s wives. What she thought would be a easy financial ride for a year turns into a twisty road of secrets and lies. And a competitive relationship between Kimera and Leo’s first wife Tinia. Kimera also becomes reacquainted with her former lover Jamal, things really become messy.

The draw of the Wives We Play is the messiness of this story-line and its characters but by the end of it, what could have been a drama-filled psychological suspense falls completely flat. Kimera wasn’t a very likable character so it was hard to feel empathy for her as she decided to go into a complicated situation...all because her eyes was on the cash.

Honestly, IMO this story would have been so much deeper if we would have gotten POVs from all three wives. Also, the plot was a bit all over the place and it was hard to get fully invested in these characters and their relationships with the exception of Tinia, the first wife. She was the type of crazy I like to read about.

As always what may not have my glass of wine may be someone else’s. So go into this book if you so choose to with your own frame of thought.

Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for the opportunity to read/review.

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BBr Spotlight | Forest Girl by Empi Baryeh

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Empi Baryeh
Contemporary Romance

Book Deets
Forest GirluBEsi Afriyie has been in love with Michael Yaw Badu since childhood. When he receives a scholarship to study in America, all hope seems lost ... until he returns to Ghana ten years later. An arranged marriage contracted by their families makes her dreams come true, but does the reality of being Mrs. Michael Badu live up to the fantasy?

Michael may have married Esi, but he is in love with someone else—Forest Girl, a mystery woman he encountered just once in the forest. His heart belongs to her, and he doesn't need his beautiful wife awakening his carnal desires. He is even willing to sacrifice his marriage for another encounter with Forest Girl.

Reality is not what either Esi or Michael imagined. Esi is disillusioned; Michael feels trapped.

Will Michael give in and allow his heart to discover a love that was always meant to be, before it's too late?

Available: Amazon
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Your Author
I’m an author of sweet and sensual African, multicultural and interracial romance, which happens to be my favourite genre of romance to read. I have two novels out: Most Eligible Bachelor, from Evernight Publishing, and Chancing Faith, an interracial romance from Black Opal Books. 

My interest in writing started around the age of thirteen after I stumbled upon a YA story my sister had started. The story fascinated me so much that, when I found out it was unfinished, I knew I had to complete it. Somehow the rest of the story began to take shape in my mind and I’ve been writing ever since. 

I live in Accra, Ghana, with my husband and our two lovely kids.

I love to hear from readers and aspiring authors.

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BBr Spotlight | Royal House of Saene: The Princesses (#HonMagPR)

Monday, December 17, 2018

The Princesses Boost Banner.jpg

We all love a good Princess story, do we not? So let's get into these lovely ladies!

Amira Saene paced in her eldest brother’s office. Zawadi, the next king of Bagumi watched her for a moment, shook his head with a deep frown, and returned his attention to his computer.

 Adrenaline wouldn’t allow her to sit as she waited for Jake to arrive. When had her stomach ever been tied in such knots? As a princess, she’d been trained to remain cool and composed at all times. It would’ve been ideal for her nerves to remember that as she gnawed on her manicured nails.

Why hadn’t she broken protocol and gone to the airport to meet him? Resisting her favourite treat of peanut brittle had been easier than forcing herself to stay in the palace to receive her guest as decorum demanded. It also might’ve made things easier if she’d told Jake who she really was, but she hadn’t. The way he’d treated her like a regular person had kept her lips sealed about her status as a princess of one of the most prominent countries in Africa.

She glared at Zareb, the youngest of her older twin brothers and the chief of palace security. When she’d requested permission for Jake to visit, she’d pleaded with Zawadi not to tell anyone about her relationship with him. Meeting someone on the Internet these days wasn’t a crime, but she doubted her family would agree.

Zawadi had insisted on informing the hardest member of their family. She’d had to relent because of the current instability in Bagumi. The neighbouring kingdom of Ashani had become more violent with direct attacks on cattle herders over the past month. Disputes over the water rights of the river between their two countries would lead to war if her father didn’t defuse the situation soon. Although a smaller country, Ashani held a powerful army. Too many lives would be lost if they fought.

Zareb hadn’t been happy about Jake coming into the country in the first place, but not even he had ever been immune to her charms, or incessant whining. Sometimes, being the youngest and the only female in her mother’s line had its benefits.

“Amira, you will not speak during the questioning,” Zareb ordered.

Pinching her lips together kept her from arguing. He wouldn’t hesitate to fulfil his earlier threat of kicking her out of the office altogether. She gave a curt nod and strode to the window. Too bad Zawadi’s office faced the back portion of the palace’s extensive grounds instead of the front where the driver would drop off their guests. Maybe seeing him from afar would settle her racing heart.

She jumped as a knock sounded on the near-impenetrable Bubinga wood. Inhaling and then exhaling twice as long through her nose like she did while practicing yoga did absolutely nothing to calm her.

“Come in,” Zawadi said.

His secretary opened the door. “Your Highness, the two guests you were expecting have arrived.”

“Thank you. Please escort them in.”

Amira swallowed the nothingness drying her throat. Every cell in her body vibrated at a higher frequency, and she swore she could’ve evaporated.


She pivoted her head towards the voice of her eldest brother. When had he gotten up to stand beside her?

“Sit down.”

With stiff legs, she toddled to one of the gold and maroon armchairs across the room. As taught in her multitudes of etiquette classes, she lowered herself onto the seat and crossed her legs at the ankles.

The door opened again, and all composure bolted as she leapt to her feet. The man she’d gotten to know over the past year entered, sucking all the air out of the room.

 She pushed aside the thoughts, focusing on her present need for answers. What was Omar doing here? Had Majid sent him?

“Is she in a lot of pain, Doctor?” Omar asked, his gaze directed at someone on the other side of the bed.

“She shouldn’t be in unbearable pain, Your Royal Highness. In fact, we’ve reduced the dosage of her pain medication.”

“Why are they calling you Your Royal Highness?”

As she’d been made to understand, there were three formal styles used in addressing members of the royal family in Sudar. ‘Majesty’ for the king, ‘Royal Highness’ for the Queen and the presumptive heir, and ‘Highness’ for everyone else.

“Who—where’s Majid?”

Her voice grated against her dry throat. Worry snaked up her spine. Something was wrong. She felt it in her bones.

Omar looked at her, and she found herself trapped in his gaze.

“How much do you remember?”

She frowned. “Remember?”

As if his rich voice had unlocked a door, it came to her all at once. She and Majid had been in the car, discussing the protocols to be observed for his coronation. Funny, since he’d apparently already broken one rule by travelling in the same car with her. She remembered the relief with which she’d latched on to the topic, glad to take her mind off how they’d approach their first night as husband and wife.



It sounded like a gunshot or maybe a canon. The car careened to the left. Everything happened so fast. The driver swore, maintaining an iron grip on the steering wheel, but the car kept speeding.

“Watch out!” Majid yelled.

Screeching tires, then another bang! Something had hit them. She only remembered seeing headlights at the window before they were airborne. The car may have flipped over before crashing to the ground. Then, everything went black.

She shut her eyes as if it would somehow turn off the faucet of memories. Warmth engulfed her, and she realized Omar had taken her hand as he sat on the bed.

“You and Majid had an accident,” he said softly.

“How’s he?”

Dread clutched her gut, telling her she knew the answer. Prince Majid didn’t make it.

“Majid fought bravely, but eventually succumbed to his injuries.”

“No,” she whispered, tears filling her eyes.

For several seconds, she hoped this was a nightmare. She’d wake up and find Majid lying by her side, and they’d laugh about this weird dream. Because if this wasn’t happening in her head, then it meant Majid was dead; she was a widow. What did it mean for the alliance between their two nations?

Her mind was in no position to process matters of such enormity. She refocused on what Omar had said.

One word stuck in her mind.

“Eventually? How long have I been here?”

“Two weeks,” he answered. “Since you’re awake now, you’ll be coming home soon.”

Coming home. Why did that sound off? She frowned as something else occurred.

“You called me your wife.”

He stared at her for a long moment as though trying to decide whether to answer.

“In accordance with our tradition, I inherited my brother’s widow.”

“Mr Bassong, if you will, please arrange for a phone to be sent to me. I would like to rest now. You are dismissed.”

He burst out laughing, a cold, echoing mirth that didn’t reach his eyes and chilled her to the bones.

As quickly as it started the laughter died and he took a step in her direction.

Her impulse was to step back but she hadn’t done anything impulsive in years. She stayed where she stood as he advanced.

“First Princess Isha Ruby—”

“Don’t call me that!” Isha couldn't stop the visceral response or the vehemence in her voice when he used her middle name. Her gut wrenched and the throbbing returned to her temple.

He jerked back and raised one dark brow.

“Is that not your name, Ruby Bagumi?” The tone of his voice baited her and his rigid posture mocked her.

She stiffened her spine and squared her shoulders. “You know very well that I am the First Princess of Bagumi Kingdom and my given name is Isha Saene. You can address me as Your Highness or Princess Isha.”

“Oh.” He tilted his head and scratched the hair on his chin.  “Ten years ago, I met a student in London. She was beautiful, intelligent, compassionate, or at least I’d thought she was at the time. She had these brilliant ideas that could change the world. She told me her name was Ruby Bagumi. But I found out it was a lie.”

He cut her open with his words, a thousand paper-cuts, making her bleed from her soul.

She closed her eyes tight and balled her fists.

She would not go there, would not bleed for him to see.

I am First Princess Isha Saene, she recited in her mind. Isha Saene.

“I am First Princess Isha Saene,” she said out loud and took a deep breath as she opened her eyes.

He stood close. If she reached out she could place her palm on this chest. Was his heart thumping as hard as hers? His scent clung in the air, sandalwood and citrus, tantalising her with each breath.

Memories she'd locked away hovered, threatening to break free.

Nails biting into her palms, she took a step back. “I demand a phone call.”

“So that’s the way you want to play it.” He nodded, moving away as he made his proclamation. “First Princess Isha Saene of the Kingdom of Bagumi, you are now a captive of the MLG group. You will remain in our custody until our demands are met. As for your demand—” he spat out the word as if it was offensive “—you have no power and no rights here. This is Wanai where the supreme power remains with the supreme leader and in this region, I am the supreme leader. You will do as you are told while you are here.”

“I will not,” she retorted, bristling that he dared to make such a declaration. “I do not submit to your leadership. The only authorities I recognise are my father, His Majesty the King of Bagumi and Almighty God.”

He gave that cold laughter again, the one that sent shivers down her spine.

“You are engaged to a Wanaian man. What do you think will happen after you are wedded? In Wanai, your husband will have total authority over you.”

Her chin jutted as she glared at him. “Kweku and anyone else will be out of their freaking minds if they think I’m going to abide by that antiquated edict.”

Her mother would blanch in horror if she had heard Isha speak in this manner. Language suited only to commoners. Still, this man made her forget herself and her upbringing every time.

“There she is. There is the woman I once knew as Ruby Bagumi.” For the first time, a small smile tugged the corner of his lips. “Welcome to Wanai. Make yourself comfortable, well, as comfortable as you can under the circumstances. I’ll see you again soon.”

He whirled around and was gone before she could respond.

Her chest heaved as she tried to catch her breath and make sense of what just happened.

Why was Zain doing this to her? Why was he set on resurrecting the past?

His Defiant Princess - Purchase: http://ow.ly/Uh7x30mxR23

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BBr Spotlight | #HisUntilMidnight by #ReeseRyan (#HonMagPR)

Friday, December 7, 2018

Series: Texas Cattleman's Club: Bachelor Auction
Standalone: Yes
Publication Date: December 1, 2018
Publisher: Harlequin Desire
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Interracial
Heat Level: Sensual

To the highest bidder goes…
A friendship with benefits?
When Tessa Noble takes the stage at a charity auction after a sexy makeover, her best friend, Ryan Bateman, must place the winning bid. It’s definitely not because he’s jealous. Their weekend getaway is a ploy for positive press…or so the rancher tells himself. But soon things take an unexpected turn from platonic to passionate, catapulting the couple far beyond the friend zone…

Teaser Campaign: December 7, 2018
Book Blitz: December 7, 2018

Available on:

join reese ryan as she hosts harlequin desire authors 12 days of desire for your chance to win today!

win a $25 gift card from reese ryan

about reese ryan
Reese Ryan writes sexy, emotional love stories with family drama and surprising secrets. A panelist at the 2017 Los Angeles Times Festival of Books and recipient of the 2018 Donna Hill Breakout Author Award, Reese is an advocate for the romance genre and diversity in fiction.

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BBr Spotlight | #PushingThirty by #NecoleRyse #HonMagPR

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

29-year-old viral TV blogger Zaahira Ramsey has it all, except peace. She’s built a fortress of protection around her heart as big as her coily hair. But when Chris Samuels enters her life, ready to unpack everything she’s been carrying, will she put up a fight? Or will the scrappy know-it-all fold under the pressure?

Camille Downing has lived most of her 29 years in the shadows of other people. As a top-notch executive assistant, she makes the impossible possible while taking none of the credit. But when she meets flashy and outgoing Jemel Jones, he makes her question why she’s been constantly selling herself short. Can she let go? Or will he push her too far out of her comfort zone?

Terry Baldwin can’t even. With three kids under her belt at 29, and a husband who acts like child number four, she’s slowly losing her mind. With her family falling apart at the seams, Terry decides to get a job. Can she be a full-time employee and mother? Or will the weight of adulting finally send her over the edge?

Grab your copy of Pushing Thirty today for only $1.99!
(limited time only)
Available: Amazon

About Necole Ryse

Necole Ryse was four years old, when she triumphantly wrote her ABC's on the hood of her grandmother's brand new Volvo. Alive and well, Necole has since authored The Birthright Trilogy, available wherever books are sold on the interwebs. When she's not writing, she's weeping into a stack of unfinished manuscripts, abandoning exercise regimens, scolding innocent children in libraries, or listening to other people's conversations. She enjoys live-tweeting, Criminal Minds marathons, and all things Harry Potter. You can find her on the Interned. All the time. Everyday.

author site | instagram | facebook | twitter | goodreads | amazon author page

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25 Days of Buti #AHolidayChallenge

Sunday, December 2, 2018


So there are quite a lot of challenges going around this Holiday season and I had no intention of joining any of them, lols. But because I joined an awesome buti studio at the beginning of the year and loved the practice so much, I decided to take this challenge. Not only does Buti Yoga helps me get in shape but it helps me focus as well.

I'll be posting pics here every other day or so with updates on the challenge...should be fun!

First poses
Day 1 - Navasana or Boat Pose
Day 2 - Uttansana or Forward fold

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Taking Control of My Finances

Friday, November 30, 2018

I'd be the first to admit that when it comes to my finances...I'm a mess. I need help, lols. But in all seriousness, I discovered a online program that may help me. I'm going to try it for the rest of 2018 and going into 2019.

That program is:
While going through my #Youtube subscriptions, one of the folks I follow is also part of the program and had awesome things to say about it and after doing a little investigation (google and all that), I decided to join. Created by a black woman who got herself out of her own financial debt, I became a quite inspired after reading Ms. Bola's story.

I'll post infrequently here at the blog to update how things are going PLUS this would be a great way to remind myself to keep going on with the program (because procrastinator much).

I'm to excited to start this journey and as I mentioned earlier, it's very much needed. Wish me luck!

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In These Streets by Shelly Ellis (#BLITZ)

Thursday, November 29, 2018

They beat the odds and turned their lives around. But now three best friends will go head-to-head with ambition, deception--and each other . . .

Derrick. Ricky. Jamal. One's responsible; one's still a player; one's upwardly-mobile. Sentenced to the Branch Avenue Boys' Youth Institute at twelve, they grabbed the chance for better futures. They stayed tight even when their lives diverged--but the times . . . they are a-changing.

New deputy mayor Jamal is anti-corruption, which means severing ties with Ricky, now a "criminally-adjacent" businessman. But political power plays and unrequited love will lead Jamal to a lethal choice . . . 

Ricky doesn't mind running a front for DC's biggest drug dealer, but when he pursues a sexy customer at his strip club and discovers she's a cop, any wrong move could end Ricky's good times permanently . . .

Now the Institute's new leader, Derrick is torn between his job and his fiancΓ©e, Melissa. But when a cute new instructor who supports him and his mission arrives, he wonders if he should leave Melissa behind, not the Institute. However, this dilemma is nothing compared to a problem brewing right under his nose, and the fallout will strike at the heart of the three friends' bond--and put more than their survival on the line . . .

Available OnAmazon | Barnes & Noble | BAM | Indiebound

Shelly Ellis is a NAACP Image Award-nominated women's fiction/romance author and creator of the Gibbons Gold Digger and Chesterton Scandal series. Her fiction writing career began when she became one of four finalists in a First-Time Writers Contest when she was 19 years old. The prize was a publishing contract and having her first short-story romance appear in an anthology. She has since published ten novels and was a finalist for 2015 NAACP Image Award in the Literary Fiction Category, a three-time finalist for the African American Literary Award in the romance category (2012, 2016, and 2017), and a finalist for the 2015 RT Reviewers' Choice Award in Multicultural Romance category.

She is married and lives in Prince George's County, Maryland with her husband and their daughter. Visit her at her web site www.shellyellisbooks.com.

Author site | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads | Amazon Author Page

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