A BBr Spotlight: For Better Or For Worse by D.T Williams

Thursday, February 15, 2018

For Better or For Worse (Wounded Hearts Book 1) by [Williams, D.T.]

*whistles* What A title! 👀


Book Deets
Grant and Lucy have been together since their teenage years and now are starting their lives as a newly married couple. They have overcome the odds to maintain their love for one another despite obstacles that they have faced. After the rings are on their finger and the vows have been said you would think they would be living happily ever after. 

However, the newlywed couple gets a rude awakening of the ups and downs of married life. The once devoted and loving Lucy becomes career obsessed not seeing the valuable time she is taking away from her family. Grant now feeling ignored and neglected from his wife gives in to temptation bringing forth dire consequences for his actions. 

Realizing their marriage is in turmoil and their once so strong bond has been broken, Grant and Lucy learn the true meaning of For Better or For Worse....

About Your Author

My name is D. T. Williams. I was raised in Lake City, Florida where I have lived all of my life and now I reside in Orlando. I took a strong liking to books at a very young age and have maintained that same passion as an adult. I have always indulged myself in reading many books from different authors some of which inspired me to create my own work. Writing for me came a little later in my years; it first started out with poems, short stories until I finally created my first novel. I have now been inspired to showcase my talent to the world in hopes to entertain and inspire others. Now that I am pursing further education I choose to continue to grow in the knowledge of reading and writing. I hope you all will join me on this journey in helping me achieve success through my work.

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