Netflix All Nighters: The Cloverfield Paradox

Thursday, February 8, 2018

I was going to talk about my Yoga experience and I will BUT chile….let me talk about this damn Netflix movie Cloverfield: Paradox. Cause, it’s on my mind especially that ending.

Anyhoo’s did you watch it? I’ll be an honest hoe and tell ya’ll I never got the Cloverfield movies. They confused the fuck outta of me. Hell, I had to go back and watch the first one THRICE! That’s how damn confused I am. Unfortunately, I never watch the 2nd one but I do plane of taking care of that this weekend.

Now, I watched Paradox in a constant state of confusion and I can’t tell you if it was a good or bad state. However; after it ended, I will say that for the most part…I enjoyed the movie. And because of this confusion, I can see where some of the bad reviews are coming from.

Paradox has a sci-fi horror feel to it, it gave me a bit of Alien tease. You have a crew stuck on a ship out in space not sure of how they’re going to get back home. They don’t know if they’re going to survive and if they do…who gonna make it. Because ya’ll know not everybody is getting back to earth. And then you have stranger danger that somehow turns up on the ship and we can’t trust her. We.Don’t.Trust.Her at all! The fight or more of a struggle against their own ship and stranger danger to get home ensues.  
All of the things that went on with the crew trying to get back to earth was fine for me but let me explain my confusion without telling ya’ll the whole of the movie. It took me a minute to realize that the crew was in an alternate reality (took the crew some time to realize that too, lols).  Mainly I felt the movie (again even though I thought it was good) was all over the place. Am I all over the place? lols, I feel like my anxiety is kicking it, lols. Ya'll better tell me if I am 😆.

So throughout the movie, we go back and forth to the crew out it space and one of the crew’s significant other who is down on earth. I did not get that persons part…like to me, why was he even part of the movie? I mean, let me rephrase that. I get why, it was a story connection…I get it. But it confused the whole fuck out of me especially when the monster from the first movie appeared. 

Man, I’m still confused…but it was still a good movie.

And finally that ending.  What.In.The.Actual.Fuck! Like did they die? Did they land safely? And because I’m a glutton for punishment, I googled the movie and folks are with their conspiracy theories. But the one that stuck most with me was that while in the midst of the drop (and the folks who watched the movie know what I’m talking about) they landed in another alternate time. But again, did they die? Because it looked to me like that UGLE ass monster swallowed that pod whole or was it just me? 

That monster was UGLE ya'll...just damn UGLE. I don’t remember them ever showing it in the first movie, just it’s shadow and sometimes it’s arm…or leg….

And finally, finally. I’m still not sure on how that UGLE ass monster appeared. I mean because of these alternate timelines and shit, was it really because of the drill that was in space that was digging for a new energy….I don’t know man. 

I need someone whom I can sit down and explain some shit to me.
This gonna be me....

I enjoyed Cloverfield Paradox mostly because it gave me that old horror science fiction feel and shit if you can do that in these days and times of ultimate fuckshit? Then well, I applaud you. 

Cloverfield: Paradox is of course now streaming on Netflix 

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