Tuesday Jams #191: A Review, Toni Braxton's Sex & Cigarettes

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Okay, so Tuesday Jams is going to be a bit different today. I will still post a video, which of course will be a song from Toni Braxton's newest release but I also just wanted to give my lil ol two cents about the album itself. Soooo....here we go.

1. There are 8 tracks on Ms. Braxton's new album. I've seen some folks say they wanted more tracks but me? I'm good with the eight. It's a nice in-between number where the listener won't feel so overwhelmed especially if you aren't digging every song. So kudos for that!

2. I'm loving the mix of slow jams to uptempo beats. We still have classic Toni getting us through our current or old heartbreak but the throwing in of electronic beats lets you do more than just a two step or look blindly out your window crying☺. Shiiid, you can dance the hurt away and tell that heartache to get to stepping.

3. My favorites: Deadwood, Long As I Live, FOH (Fuck Outta Here) and Missing.

Basically, I enjoyed the whole album. I love that she came out with new music and didn't do "too much". Sex & Cigarettes is enough without all the extra, it's nostalgic music that reminds me of time when music what just that music. Something I can get lost into, something that I can relate to and mainly lyrics I can understand without looking at my radio like:

It's music from an artist who knows her craft. An artist who knows her audience and is happy to make us happy. This is an artist who isn't desperately trying to fit into today's standard of generic nonsense. Anyhoo's before I get all long-winded, let's move onto number four. 

4: finally get into the video for Long As I live

Bish looks good btw...damn good! 

Sex & Cigarettes has been on auto play for me since it's release. Definitely a 9 outta a 10 kinda of a album. Get into it! 

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