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Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Hey Ya'll Hey!

So today will be a different kind of post.

Paperless Post, an online invitation website reached out to us and asked if we would like to review their product. 

Via the Paperless Post site, you can create invitations, cards and announcements to folks via the internet instead of mailing them out. Everything seems to be taking the route via the inter-webs so why not your invites as well? 

I visited the site and loved the clean design of it and although I found the initial site navigation a bit confusing to use at first, I quickly learned my way around it. There are several different types of cards/invitations you can order.

Birthdays, Weddings, Parties and Professional stuff. You can also create cards for other things as well, such as Thank You's, Holidays, Quick Hello's AND you can create stationary as well. 
  • You purchase coins to order the invitations/cards you want. Coin amounts are between 10 - 1000, price point to buy the coins is decent. 
  • Once you buy your coins, you can then start the process to create the design you like. 
Below is a Stationary card I ordered:

Yes, you can choose a standard stamp or pick one like the wine bottles I have up there.
Oh! and you can create your own card and upload pictures too.

When the recipient receives their email, the card with the name Isadora is seen, they then click on a button above the envelope that reads "view the card" and wala!

There is a wonderful selection of designs to choose from...even Kate Spade. Your recipient even receives a response back card/stationary! You can message each other back via the Paperless Post site, it's pretty dope!

If you love/like party planning or just maybe want to send your bestie or family a birthday shout-out or a quick may want to visit Paperless Post and give them a try.

Pssst...they also have flyers which are

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