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Friday, September 7, 2018

Favorite Character Friday is a meme hosted by Adria over at Adria's Musings and Reviews. The weekly post lets readers/bloggers celebrate their favorite characters because with millions of books, tv shows, and movies out there and more coming out constantly, characters are like potato chips, you can't have just one.

I've done this meme before but like most things that come with blogging, I sorta fell off posting. But I wanted to pick it back up because not only do I think it's a great meme Adria came up with but chile, since I've been reading a bit more, I've been coming across some characters that shouldn't be only allowed in books, lols. 

This gets us to Graham Carlton from D.A. Young's Baymoor series. 

Whew, let me get my fan:

The man is #bookbae. He was sweet, protective, funny, strong, gorgeous...I can go on...

But what I loved most about his character is that he turned out to be all the things I mentioned above despite growing up in dysfunction. 

You can catch my review HERE.
Ms. Young is going to think I'm stalking one of her characters at this point...but I think I'm okay with that, lmaooo! 

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