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Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Hey Babes! We have another book review via the #vlog. Click on the video below to get into this story by Ms. Jones. Chile....

I added a bit of the transcribed version below. You can visit our #Youtube channel to get the full transcript. 
hi guys I'm Sharonda Isadora and welcome
00:26to Brazen Babe Reviews and today I
00:29will be doing a book recap and that
00:35recap will be on Silver Sparrow by Tayari
00:38Jones and here's the (show’s cover)
00:41book and because this is the paperback
00:45physical copy of the book that I
00:47Have, I will show the cover you know like I used to
00:52Do for you because
00:56I can't hold it up like this upright so
01:00I actually purchased this book actually last week
01:04I was just going to like purchase it
01:07for one of my October reads you know
01:11And put it towards my book haul
01:13for October and
01:15then you know just read it whenever
01:21I wanted to but you know…uhm, you
01:26know I just wanted to read the book
01:27because I heard about Miss Jones
01:31previously from her book An
01:34american marriage was which I have not read
01:36or gotten yet but I will be picking it up
01:38But I can just tell it will take me
Sometime to pick that one up too because
01:41I can just tell just for me reading Silver Sparrow
01:43that her books are heavy heavy
01:46heavy heavy so let's get into this
01:49review shall we
01:54okay so yeah so like I said I purchased
01:59this book this previous you know the
02:01previous past weeks or whatever and then
02:04I finished it yesterday and I'm telling
02:07y'all this book deals with a lot of
02:09heavy subjects especially I feel like in
02:12the black community that needs to be
02:13addressed and talked about cuz I
02:19feel like sometimes, you know in our
02:23communities we try to normalize this and
02:25what I'm talking about is men
02:31having multiple marriages or
02:34relationships you know and I feel like
02:39we try to like normalize it so much in
02:42the black community you know because we
02:44have a thing of…we have this issue of
02:47making our black girls feel like any man
02:51is better than no man so yeah that
02:55man is a cheater & yeah that man you know
02:59yeah that man isn't
03:01working & that man is having a hard
03:03time but he needs somebody behind him to
03:06pick him up and
03:08in back him up and I  just feel  a way and even
03:11though this man is a terrible human
03:15being you know and James Witherspoon
03:19this character in this book was a terrible
03:23person he was a terrible human being
03:26and I just feel like reading this book
03:31dude it stressed me out, it triggered me
03:37a lot because I saw myself in Dana an
03:52and I also
03:56saw myself in their mothers in this story
04:02this story is
04:04Triggering, it's depressing
I feel
04:11like it should be a book that is read
04:14so anyway this book is about two girls
04:20and not just two girls because in
04:23one side of the book we're getting one
04:25of the sisters story who is Dana and
04:27she's part one of the book and then you
04:30have Chaurisse the other daughter she's
04:33part two of the book and I’ll just read
04:37the blurb for you so you can get a
04:39general idea when I'm talking
04:40so with the opening line starts with
04:43my father James Witherspoon is a bigamist

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