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Thursday, November 1, 2018

Horror, Drama, Fantasy
So I found out this is Netflix adaption based on the dark comics of the same name (which I did not know about) and I'm here for it all!
Let's get into this story and the characters.
The Aunties
  • Zelda – gave me bitchy, shady and idgaf about your feelings attitude (and she didn’t). I loved her! But how you giving the witch c**chie away to the bad guy Aunt Z? I gots questions Auntie. Zelda is the matriarch of the family but have her own issues she can’t seem to get away from, like constantly killing her own sister Hilda for decades in fits of rage.
  • Hilda – quirky, funny, the sweet Aunt. She is quiet as well and tended to let Zelda bully and run over her. But I feel like Hilda is going to toughen up in S2 as we see that she has the will to do (especially when Sabrina was being the typical hard-headed teenager and got smart with Zelda). She about to have a boyfriend, moves out of the room herself and Zelda were sharing. Also, what is the “about to be” boyfriend? Hmmmm? I thought he was human but he isn’t…I wonder what he is AND if he is good or evil.
  • **Zelda saves the high priest baby daughter (one of his twins) after their birth. She feared that he would kill the baby because she was born before her brother. Also, I wonder if Prudence will eventually spill the tea as she was helping Zelda but IDK, she knows the high priest who she finds out is her father doesn’t really care for girls….
  • Ambrose – A young zaddy! Chile, that scene with his naked chest?! YASSSS! Anyhoo’s Ambrose is confined to the Spellman home as punishment after he along with other warlocks/witches decided to blow up the Vatican (Ambrose didn’t tell who his co-conspirators were). He looks good and looks like he smells good too! Lols. He tries to be the voice of reason to the Spellman woman, especially Sabrina but those woman weren’t trying to hear him. Besides, he has a murder to solve involving a young warlock and he wonders about his future especially with him being confined at home. But the high priest offers him a position at the School of the Unseen Arts and I think he may be questioning said position going into S2. I think the high priest also offered Ambrose the position at the school because I believe at some point he is going to try to use Ambrose against Sabrina and the Aunties.
  • Ms. Wernall/The Mother of Demons – Her role is to get Sabrina to sign her name in the Book of the Beast (the Dark Lord/Satan’s book) on her 16th Birthday which she initially fails to do. BUT with a little…or lot of manipulation (this is how Ms. Wernall kinda won my heart and became my 2nd favorite person in the series), she basically used Sabrina’s own feelings about herself and her friends against her. But of course, the Mother of Demons has her own agenda as we find out that she is Satan’s concubine and has no plans on remaining in that position when he decides to take Sabrina as his wife. That is a position she wants and she isn’t going to let Sabrina get in her way. But I do feel like by her helping Sabrina (in small ways), she also grew some feelings towards her.
  • **Spoiler: I’m glad she killed that damn principal at Greendale High, he was a asshole. I wonder if she is going to be the new principal in S2.
  • The Weird Sisters – I liked them enough as a group but S1 focused mainly on Prudence who the Queen Bitch in charge of the group. Eh, I liked her enough as well (Hint: I really didn’t) but that hair and make-up? Yes girl! She got on my nerves calling Sabrina a half-breed through-out the series, I wanted Sabrina to smack the shit out of her like she did the other sister. And how she calling someone a half-breed when she herself was an orphan? Girl bye forever! As I mentioned earlier, we do find out that the high priest is her daddy but he don’t really want her as he only wants boys to carry out HIS family legacy. So I got her dislike of Sabrina. Shit, Sabrina was half human but at least her family wanted her. Also Prudence and Sabrina do have moments during the series where they help each out other out. 
  • Nick – A warlock at the School of Unseen Arts. Nick who becomes a co-conspirator of Sabrina’s. He likes her but know she loves Harvey but Nick is willing to share her (his words not mines). But with the ending we had, I now wonder if he was a plant by the high priest to spy on Sabrina by pretending to be her friend. 
  • The High Priest (Father Faustus Blackwood) – A POS honestly. He doesn’t like Sabrina because one, she is half human and two, her father surpassed him and he was his mentor. He doesn’t want Sabrina at the School of Unseen Arts but has to let her attend because the Dark Lord said the fuck so, this also is another reason why I feel like he doesn’t like Sabrina. This warlock I have a feeling doesn’t really like witches (although he does like to have sex with them because he a nasty tramp). I think he has a plan to get rid of the witches OR at the very least make them servants or something like that in the magic world.
         Sabrina’s Human Friends:
  • Harvey – Sabrina’s fully human boyfriend. I liked the kid enough but he is a weakness for Sabrina as we see during the episode where his brother Tommy is resurrected. We find out that he comes from a family of witch hunters and that at one point brings a tension between himself and Sabrina but that issue is solved quickly as we find out that Harvey is nothing like his family especially his drunk ass daddy.
  • Roz – I felt like we didn’t get a lot of Roz but we do find out that her family was cursed by a witch (because one of her ancestors ratted a witch out). This led to the women in her family losing their sight as they got older but they also acquired an ability which her grandmother called “the cunning” which was basically them able to sense things about people and situations.
  • Susie – the quiet one in the group of friends. She is constantly bullied by the jocks at Greendale High because she refused to conform to her birth gender (Susie dressed like a boy). We find out that Susie is the descendant of a woman who saved some witches back in the day, this is how she is able to save herself and Roz when Greendale is attacked by rogue witches.
And finally Sabrina:
  • Sabrina is NOT the girl from the TV show. This Sabrina has an inkling for the darkness and the creepy, but she does struggle between choosing to be fully a witch and fully human. She wants both but is forced in some ways to choose one or the either. I liked that she always challenged the strict rules forced on the witching community. But also, we do get to a point where she had to make a hard choice and I wonder how it’s going to affect her relationships with her human friends. And although I highly enjoyed this version of Sabrina , lawd if she didn’t work my nerves at times ESPECIALLY the episode with Tommie’s death/resurrection/death again. She didn’t listen to anyone who made sense and it led to a very difficult time for herself, Harvey and her family. When the town of Greendale faces a real and live threat, the situation allows Sabrina to be further manipulated by Ms. Wernall. She does end up signing her name in the Book of the Beast and I wonder if her plan to take on Satan is now null & void…

Season 1 as a whole – 

I loved this new take on Sabrina, the chilling creepiness and the darkness of the story overall is fantastic. The difference in the character arcs was an un-expected satisfaction. I also liked that the creators of the show added diversity to the story without it being forced and the audience having to deal with tokenized characters, it all felt natural and flowed really well. The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is a Netflix series I highly recommend that you binge on.
**Oh and Salem the cat is in the series but we don’t get a talking version of him. What we have is more of Sabrina communicating with Salem and honestly, I didn’t mind at all. I’m just happy he was there (I hear the actress who plays Sabrina is allergic….).

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