NetGalley and Me

Friday, January 4, 2019

So ya'll I have been on NetGalley...a-lot lately.

I've been on there just requesting shit and not to say that its not #Goodreads that I'm requesting because from the covers and the descriptions, they most definitely are but ya'll....

I've been getting approved for like almost every book that I've requested and I'm not saying that I shouldn't be or that I'm not happy that I've been approved because I'm am...I'm very happy. 

But ya'll when I look at my dashboard...I'm like bish....what.the.fraggle? (I'm trying to stop cussing, lols). 

And I've been tweeting my ups and downs about my apparent addiction... 

NetGalley even quote tweeted this one.

So as you see from above, it's been quite the elevator ride with myself and NetGalley.

And guess what? I'm still on there...lols.

Anyhoo's, I've decided to make a list of the books I've been approved for so that I can get to reading and reviewing them.

Below is what I have so far to read and I say so far because you know....addiction and all (these aren't in any order but my paper list is).

 4/15/19                         3/18/19                 2/5/19

1/29/19                        2/26/19                      2/26/19

And let me not forget that I requested all of the books in the Charley Davidson by Darynda Jones with the exception of book 1 which I already had. Those I requested with the help of fellow blogger Monica over at Monlatable Book Reviews. Yes, I am naming her as a co-conspirator, lols. Good thing about the C. Davidson ones are that they don't have a date that I need to read/review them by...whew! And with the others, there is a good amount of time before the release dates that I have t read...another whew!So that's my post for NetGalley babes. Have you been on there lately? What did you request? and How many? I know I can't be the only one, lols. 
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