Book Talk | An Unconditional Freedom by Alyssa Cole

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

40111886The emotional depth of these characters, mainly Daniel's is what I loved most about this story and I'm always down to learning a bit of history when I'm reading especially when it comes to black and brown people both freed and enslaved who helped during the civil war.

I think the author did a good job of covering things about the war. Some of those things included that White people weren't the only ones to profit off of the despicable acts of slavery. Ms. Cole also gives us a character who deals with self hate which still runs rampant in communities of color in the Year of Our Lord 2019. The idea of being better than your brothers/sisters because you are no longer "in the fields" with them still goes on and it needs to be addressed more. Folk tend to talk over one another when certain subjects come up but...that's a conversation for another day.

I marked this as a romance on my Goodreads shelf but in all honestly, we get very little romance in An Unconditional Freedom and I didn't mind that at all. Daniel and Janeta's relationship was more than heated gazes and bodies. It was a relationship of two people doing what they can to survive in a Country that refused acknowledge them as human but this was also a relationship of two people fighting their own personal demons during a time that threatened to do them both in...more so for Daniel. His suffering and dealing with PTSD was done in a good way. I’m glad this author didn’t gloss over it.

I do wish she had covered...maybe just a little more of Janeta's travels before she met up with Daniel and the Loyal League. A woman, especially a black woman traveling alone during the Civil War could not have been safe at all.

I will say that the plot and world building was a tad lackluster IMO. Although I loved both Daniel and Janeta as characters, I felt like "their" stories overpowered the plot causing a bit of a disjointed drawn out tale with a ending that felt rushed and somewhat unfulfilling.

Still, An Unconditional Freedom is a good story and if you have a love for Historical Fiction, then definitely add this one to you reading list.

**Thank you to the publisher/Netgalley for the opportunity to review.

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Book Talk | Fatality in F by Alexia Gordon

Monday, February 25, 2019

43191022Fatality in F is the 4th book in the series, do I think you need go back and read the books before this one? Probably not as each book offers a new mystery but….you may want to read the first book to get a bit more background on Gethsemane Brown and how she became a part time sleuth.

Being that I started off with the 4th book, I feel like it took me some time to warm up to Gethsemane. It’s not that I didn’t like her character because I did. She’s funny, smart and has the type of sarcasm I like. She is however, also hard-headed to the point of annoyance. But...for the most part I liked her.

There are a cast of supporting characters whom all fit well with Gethsemane and don’t try to overpower her essence throughout the story. Those supporting characters are Niall, a police officer with the Gurda (Irish Police?...) and the only one of the force that doesn’t seem to have strong dislike for Gethsemane. Frankie, one of Gethsemane's co-workers and Eamon, a ghost who lives with Gethsemane whose murder she solved a couple of books back. He “sometimes” helps her with the sleuthing she does.

Seems Frankie is in some trouble in book four and Gethsemane decides to help her friend out. The pacing of FinF moved along a bit slow throughout and that tampered down my excitement of these murders getting solved. We get some back-history on Gethsemane and how she ties to the other characters in the book. The murder plot was intriguing but again sometimes lengthy. We did a lot of running around in circles before everything comes to a conclusion but for the most part I did enjoy Gethesmane and crew running around this little town in Ireland as they attempted to solve the murders.

For the most part I did enjoy Fatality in F. I’ll admit the humorous parts and the cussing from the characters (because I’m a cusser, lols) kept me engaged.  This is a very great cozy mystery and if you like those…then Fatality in F is right up your alley.

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Unboxing | New Tarot Card Decks And Also...The USPS is Trash

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Hey Babes!

I have a new unboxing video....this time just a couple of boxes of Tarot decks I bought πŸ’œ

*excuse my cussing....

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My Top Five | Author Edition

Friday, February 15, 2019

Hey Babes!

Happy After Valentines Day.  Even though "Love Day" is ova and some of us have gone back to ba humbah on the word love and all that it entails (me...πŸ˜‰), I wanted to continue with the theme by showing love to some of favorite authors.

So! Do any of ya'll remember the movie Top Five with Chris Rock? If not, it's was alright at best. Anyhoo, there is a scene where the family is sitting around talking 'ish and drinking (one of my favorite past times) and the conversation comes up where they name off their top five rappers:

(you can stop after 2:24 cause after that its just noise, lols)

As you can see from the clip, some members of the family name off their five and add a sixth person as well. That's what I want to do here. But, I'll be listing authors.

*rubs hands together* let's go! I'll start with.

1. Christina C. Jones
What you should Read:

2. D.A. Young
What you should Read:
Baymoor (3 Book Series)

3. Love Belvin
What you should Read:
Love Unaccounted

4.  Tasha L. Harrison
What You Should Read:
The Truth of Things: The Truth Duet: Book One by [L. Harrison, Tasha]

5. D. L. White
What You Should Read:
Brunch at Ruby's by [White, DL]

And my sixth....
6. Delaney Diamond
What You Should Read:
Wild Thoughts (Brooks Family Book 3) by [Diamond, Delaney]

Although, I listed books that you should...honestly, should read all of their books (which is something I have to do as well). And what I love most about these women and their writing is that each of them gives us authentic black characters. Because there is no one way to be black. We come in different hues AND HAVE a range of different emotions and these authors? They give us just that. I stan! (but not in a stalkerish way, lols).

So now that I gave you my top five, shouldn't you be heading over to Amazon, BN? You know to get some books πŸ‘€

Have a Top 5? Do share in the comment section. 

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BBr Spotlight: Be My Valentines-A Love Africa Press Collection (Volume 1) | #HonMagPR

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Be My Valentine - A Love Africa Press Collection (Volume One)

Life is beautiful especially when you're in love. Dive into these five hand-picked contemporary romance novellas and fall in love this Valentine's Day.

Featured Stories:
Unexpected Love by Amaka Azie
Bitter Sweet Symphony by Fiona Khan
Golden Valentine by Nana Prah
Boot Camp Seduction by Sable Rose
Mr Hot Mocha Perfection by Empi Baryeh
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Love Africa Press | Okadabooks | Smashwords | Amazon US | Amazon UK | Amazon CA | Amazon AU | Amazon FR


After a very public and humiliating break-up, Yemi Okeke quits her job and accepts the position of Chief Surgeon at St. Andrews Hospital in Lagos. It’s an amazing opportunity to start afresh and get away from all the embarrassment … except, her gorgeous new employer, Vincent Mba, knows all about the incident she ran away from.
Vincent is intrigued by Yemi. She is smart, beautiful, and just the kind of woman he wants to get to know better. But they started off on the wrong foot, and recently heartbroken, she is wary about trusting him.
Society says she is past her prime, and that is just one obstacle thrown along their path. He must find a way to overcome all of that, but perhaps the most difficult task of all? He has to win Yemi’s trust and convince her to give their love a chance this Valentine season.

About Amaka Azie

Amaka Azie.jpg
Amaka Azie writes romance fiction set in tropical West Africa. She explores the beauty and intricacies of the continent in her sweet and sensual love stories.
Born and raised in Nigeria, West Africa, she developed a passion for reading at the age of twelve. Her interest in writing began in secondary school when she joined the press club, and her active imagination has captured the interests of many.
Apart from getting lost in creating fascinating fictional characters, Amaka enjoys reading, painting and travelling with her family.
She lives in the United Kingdom with her husband and daughters and where she also practices as a part-time family doctor.
Amaka was named one of the Most Influential Authors Under Forty by the Nigerian Writers Awards (NWA) for the years 2017 and 2018.      


When Dr Aliya O’Henry meets Professor Jack Larrimore, there is an inextricable bond. Baby Star’s arrival brings them together in facing their inhibitions which have been an obstacle in moving forward and finding love. Aliya’s loss and Professor Larrimore’s abandonment, are issues they must resolve before they succumb to the inevitable attraction. 
Bitter Sweet Symphony is a sweet romance filled with angst and compassion, the endearment of parenthood and it resonates on the lyrical innocence of love found within the four-part harmony of music. Dr Aliya and Professor Larrimore learn the lesson of never overlapping the past with the future, when the future is a beautiful gift.

About Fiona Khan

Fiona Khan.jpg
Fiona Khan has been lauded with many awards and accolades as an author, poet, environmentalist and in spreading Language, Literacy and Literature. Her short stories, poems and articles have been published in many literary magazines around the world. She has 20 titles to her name and has won many awards over the past 27 years for her leadership and penship. Fiona has written the first HIV/Aids book with emotional intelligence for children, a book that is fully illustrated.
Fiona is the founder of the Global Forum 4 Literacy specialising in free digital and mobile downloads of literature and literacy in many languages, globally. The Global Forum 4 Literacy has now become a brand to be reckoned with as the forum was presented at the UNESCO conference for 2018 as part of the Creative Cities Network and has now collaborated with StoryWeaver in translating books into different languages on a digital platform.


Sena Ewuram’s upcoming travels will take her far away from the man her father saved from his abusive uncle.  The same one who sees her as surrogate sister category rather than a love interest. The opportunity to leave Ghana to further her education should help cure her of those unrequited feelings.
Jewellery designer, Yiko Ayoma, would never betray the man who helped him survive. Falling in love with his mentor’s daughter is something he can’t help but is doing his best to resist acting on. When tragedy strikes on Valentine’s Day, both are tested and must each decide which is more important, their friendship or taking the risk to be more.

About Nana Prah

Nana Prah.jpg
Nana Prah first discovered romance in a book from her eight-grade summer reading list and has been obsessed with it ever since. Her fascination with love inspired her to write in her favourite genre where happily-ever-after is the rule.

She is a published author of contemporary, multicultural romances. Her books are sweet with a touch of spice. When she’s not writing she’s, over-indulging in chocolate, enjoying life with friends and family, and tormenting nursing students into being the best nurses the world has ever seen.


She’s a big-bodied beauty with weight issues. He’s a dreamy hunk with an unsavoury agenda. 
For the first twelve years of her life, Amaka Dilibe lived in an orphanage, abandoned by her mother. Now she has finally achieved success with her home dΓ©cor business.
Life should be great. Only, it isn’t. Full-figured Amaka has been the butt of jokes for a long time. Dumped and humiliated by her ex-boyfriend because of her weight, she’s eager for a change. She enrols in a weight-loss boot-camp owned by Tiago Omole, a coffee-skinned, bearded hottie with a penchant for wearing t-shirts with funny slogans. Amaka is blown away the first time she sees Tiago. Dreamy. Yummy. Yes, please.
Facing the loss of the business he’s worked hard for, Tiago is desperate too. And when someone presents him with a way out: seduce Amaka and get her to give you money, he is sorely tempted.
Should he do it? After all, it’s just sex, isn’t it? What could go wrong?

About Sable Rose

Sable Rose.jpg
Hi, my name is Sable Rose and I revel in being different. I'm a romance writer and the author of erotic M/F contemporary and paranormal romances and action adventures.
My books feature outspoken, independent and intelligent women who know what they want (and what they don't want), and who are not afraid to make the first move to get their man, if they have to. Their men are always swoon-worthy hunks, each a blend of naughty and nice that women find so irresistible.
My passion is writing and I write only what my characters tell me to write. I write morning, afternoon, night. Who needs sleep? Yes, I'm a writing addict.
In between writing-phew-I also read-a lot. And watches lots of TV and movies. I love dancing, listening to great music and I dream of one day being able to find time to learn both pole-dancing and belly dancing.
I wish...
I adore traveling, and have visited over 15 countries and have formed friendships with people of varying cultures. I use these experiences to craft my stories.
I live in Lagos, Nigeria. No dogs yet. Definitely, no cats...


Ama Sarfoa believes in love, though she hasn’t been lucky at it. She returns to college for a master’s degree after being on the work force for five years. Three chance encounters in one day with a handsome stranger has her entertaining thoughts of him being Mr. Right.
Until he turns out to be one of her professors.
Adinkra Kusi-Andoh has been burned by love before, but his student, Ama, stirs desires in him he’d long given up on feeling again. However, she’s his student and their relationship skirts the fringes of professional ethics. Yet as Valentine’s Day approaches, he can’t help but as her out on a date.
When their budding relationship threatens his career, Adinkra has to choose between saving his career and the woman he loves. Will he give up on love or risk it all for the woman his heart desires?

About Empi Baryeh

Empi Baryeh.jpg
Empi Baryeh is the award-winning author of Most Eligible Bachelor (Book of the year, 2017 Ufere Awards). She writes sweet and sensual African, multicultural and interracial romance, which happens to be her favourite genres of romance to read. Her interest in writing started around the age of thirteen after she stumbled upon a YA story her sister had started and abandoned. The story fascinated her so much that, when she discovered it was unfinished, she knew she had to complete it. Somehow the rest of the story began to take shape in her mind and she's been writing ever since. She lives in Accra, Ghana, with her husband and their two lovely kids.


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#ReleaseBlitz: Love Grind by Shelly Ellis | #HonMagPR

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Love Grind by Shelly Ellis

She’s used to baring it all . . . but baring her heart is a whole different story
Down on her luck and broke, Jennifer Dudley long ago traded dancing in the chorus line for swinging from a stripper pole to make ends meet. She’s hoping an offer to come back home and teach dance at her old performance academy will be the opportunity she needs to fix her life. When she moves in with and falls for a software developer with brains, a boyish smile, and muscles, she decides she might be well on her way to a second chance at success—and love. But her X-rated past may come back to haunt her, compromising her newfound happiness and hurting the ones she loves the most.

Available: Amazon

About Shelly Ellis
Shelly Ellis is a NAACP Image Award-nominated women's fiction/romance author and creator of the Gibbons Gold Digger and Chesterton Scandal series. Her fiction writing career began when she became one of four finalists in a First-Time Writers Contest when she was 19 years old. The prize was a publishing contract and having her first short-story romance appear in an anthology. She has since published ten novels and was a finalist for 2015 NAACP Image Award in the Literary Fiction Category, a three-time finalist for the African-American Literary Award in the romance category (2012, 2016, and 2017), and a finalist for the 2015 RT Reviewers' Choice Award in Multicultural Romance category. 

She is married and live in Prince George's County, Maryland with her husband and their daughter. Visit her at website:

Author Site | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads | Amazon Author Page



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