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Friday, February 15, 2019

Hey Babes!

Happy After Valentines Day.  Even though "Love Day" is ova and some of us have gone back to ba humbah on the word love and all that it entails (me...😉), I wanted to continue with the theme by showing love to some of favorite authors.

So! Do any of ya'll remember the movie Top Five with Chris Rock? If not, it's was alright at best. Anyhoo, there is a scene where the family is sitting around talking 'ish and drinking (one of my favorite past times) and the conversation comes up where they name off their top five rappers:

(you can stop after 2:24 cause after that its just noise, lols)

As you can see from the clip, some members of the family name off their five and add a sixth person as well. That's what I want to do here. But, I'll be listing authors.

*rubs hands together* let's go! I'll start with.

1. Christina C. Jones
What you should Read:

2. D.A. Young
What you should Read:
Baymoor (3 Book Series)

3. Love Belvin
What you should Read:
Love Unaccounted

4.  Tasha L. Harrison
What You Should Read:
The Truth of Things: The Truth Duet: Book One by [L. Harrison, Tasha]

5. D. L. White
What You Should Read:
Brunch at Ruby's by [White, DL]

And my sixth....
6. Delaney Diamond
What You Should Read:
Wild Thoughts (Brooks Family Book 3) by [Diamond, Delaney]

Although, I listed books that you should...honestly, should read all of their books (which is something I have to do as well). And what I love most about these women and their writing is that each of them gives us authentic black characters. Because there is no one way to be black. We come in different hues AND HAVE a range of different emotions and these authors? They give us just that. I stan! (but not in a stalkerish way, lols).

So now that I gave you my top five, shouldn't you be heading over to Amazon, BN? You know to get some books 👀

Have a Top 5? Do share in the comment section. 

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