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Monday, March 18, 2019


Honestly, this is more of a 2.5 as some of the short stories in New Suns were good...nothing epic, but still good.

I'm a bit disappointed because I really was expecting to read stories that would blow me away. Especially with some of the authors I've heard Levar Burton read on his Podcast. As I said in my update on Goodreads, it was hard to resonate with a majority of the shorts told and then some of them just didn't make much sense at all. Isn't the point of speculative fiction is to expand folks imaginations? Maybe perhaps bend it? Have them question the story but in a good way? I was so very confused at times and it didn't help that many of the shorts ended IMO unfinished.

Out of seventeen stories, honestly I can say I enjoyed three. I'll definitely look up some of the authors mentioned in the book up and check out their individual work but as a whole, New Suns left me uninspired. 

*Thank you to the Publisher/Netgalley for the opportunity to review. 

New Suns will be published today, March 18 2019.
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