My Top Five | Blogger Edition #1

Monday, March 25, 2019

Hey Babes!

Happy Monday and all of that. Today I would like to show some blogger love ❤.
I know and you know, it is the year of our lord 2019 but we still have some strides to go and with the current RWA Rita mess (they stay in some mess and will always have the eternal side eye)...

Anyhoo's as one of the ladies I highlighted below stated on Twitter "Yall looking for but not following s" . This is a fact because how you want the tea but you're not putting in the right ingredients?

Now the ladies I've, talk, showcase a variety of things (books, lifestyle, movies...etc, etc) and have multiple platforms.  As I've stated before, there is no one way to be black. We encompass and accomplish many things. These ladies...their blogs proves this. 

Click on the their blog headers to be taken to their sites. Add a little color to your life 💖

Monlatable Book Reviews


Lit-erally Black




Books and Audio

This is the first of many Top Fives so stop by and take a "lewk" at many more bloggers I'll be sharing and spotlighting. 

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