Tuesday Jams #193 | Solange When I Get Home

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Hey Babes! 

My goodness, it has been a while since I've done Tuesday Jams....I miss it but haven't had the inkling to listen to any music. BUT, I've since discovered that many of the artist that I listened too are coming out with new music. Yassss!
In the mean time, I know there have been some mixed feelings regarding Solange's latest release but I'm on team #loveit. It has been on replay for me these last couple of weeks. I love the interludes to the deep grooves she has incorporated on When I Get Home and I appreciate the ode to her home state of Texas. 
I think most were expecting a repeat of her last album and I for one am glad that she didn't give us that...not that I didn't appreciate A Seat At The Table because I did. But When I Get Home shows her growth as an artist...her range. For me...that matters most. 
I love when I can find music that makes me feel good and When I Get Home does that ten fold. It's a solid album IMO....don't @ me.

One of my favorites on the Album

*If you listen to both her albums...shuffle the music...chile!!!!

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