Blogging and Your Mental Health

Friday, April 12, 2019

How often do you blog? Do you take breaks in between your posts?

I ask this because I now realize that I need to. Because if I don’t, I find myself in a slump and once I’m there…I don't feel like writing anything much less a blog post.

Sometimes I feel like there is this immense pressure put upon book bloggers to write or vlog about a review for just about every book they’ve read, to share our thoughts on a book that you “loved” so much (and it better not be a book you didn’t like or felt blah about because…well, that’s a whole other post for another day, lols). But to get back to my point, do you ever feel like that? That pressure?

I’m starting to realize more and more that my mental health, my sanity must be protected even when it comes to this blog. There are days, shit sometimes weeks that might go by and I just don’t feel like doing this…like at all. And sure, I do feel bad but I’m getting better at “not feeling bad” about things like this.

I get questions sometimes....
Like well if you’re a book blogger or a blogger in general, how come you don’t post every day? Don't you want traffic to your blog? Don't you want people to watch your video's?...and other such stuff. I’m made to feel like I’m not serious about this thing because I’m not eating, shitting and dreaming about my blog. Another question I get is how do you expect to get traffic or author/general contacts if I don’t post every day. And honestly ya’ll...I would say I don’t care about any of that but then I would sound like a asshole and I’m not that (I mean, I can be...sometimes…but…again another post for another day) but I’ll just say that I’m happy with the folks that do reach out to me. I’m grateful for the traffic I receive and the folk that come on here and comment…

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Besides everyday life getting in my way sometimes or me not being in the mood, I’ve come to the realization ( this late point in the game) that my mental game needs rest every now and again as well. How am I'm going to enjoy that book, watch that TV show, understand what's going on in those pages or on that TV show if my brain game isn't right?....

I’ve made the decision to post when I want, now there won’t be months upon months that I won’t post or even weeks for that matter. But you may see where I don’t post for like a week and I’m okay with that…you should be too. 
I maybe just projecting my shit out there with writing about this but hey, you have to get these things out sometimes. 

So how about you fellow blogger? Do you feel the need to constantly post to your blog or vlog? Do you even want to post every day? Or are you okay with posting every now and again? Leave a comment below and let your girl know.

        Until the next one…later days. 
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