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Monday, April 1, 2019

Hey Babes!

I hope you had a good weekend filled with reading and drinking....
and if it wasn't filled with those two, then I hope you had a good one anyways.

March was a Month. Our family lost someone young and so full of light, it broke us all the f**k up . We're still trying to recover and honestly, this is going to stick with us all for a very long time. I won't go into much but wherever you are at with a family member or hell, just a friend and it's a negative space or just a gray area....
Reach out to them. Tell them how you feel and then tell them you love them...not matter what. And even if you don't speak everyday, make an effort to stay in contact. Because when they leave this Earth, especially in an unexpected way; you won't know how to recover and you will ask yourself so many questions...the whys and the hows. It will make you question yourself even if you feel like you've done nothing wrong. But the point is, you've done nothing and well...
I loved my cousin with everything in me and I wish she would not have left this world feeling like what she put out in the world wasn't reciprocated even from family members. I wish I could have done more...
I encourage you be the light in someones the hope when they're feeling hopeless. Be the light when they feel like they're in the dark. Because you never know what your love...words could have prevented.

Far as blogging goals, I got some things done but my reading life...ya'll, I didn't feel like it, at all. Personal life was IS good but you know....I felt like I was moving in a bubble.
I do wish somethings would have worked out a bit more in my favor but I know that I have to put more effort into the way I handle things....everything. I've instilled in myself this thing of when things don't go my way, I beat myself up about it and don't pursuit it any longer or I think that I wasn't suppose to have it in the first place. And honestly, that way of thinking on my end has to stop. I know I am deserving of all the good and beautiful things that the Universe has to offer to me. I need to start making my intentions clearer and stronger.
I've been working on myself and I'm getting better at it. But as I tell everyone around me, I'm still a work in progress and so are you.

April is upon us and here's to wishing for a smooth transition. Reading wise, I added some books to my TBR (I'll leave the Youtube video about that below...). Personally, I will continue to focus on my growth and chile...patience. Everyday is a struggle not to spaz...but again "work in progress".

I hope your April is full of Springs flowers and light. And remember, pull someone close to you....hug them and whisper in their ear that you love them.

Until the next post Babes...Bye ๐Ÿ’–
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