Tuesday Jams #194

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Today's post will be a bit sober with a bit of celebration. Today, the world lost another great. Rest In Peace, Mr. John Singleton. This family is sending yours love and light. May your path to Glory be as great as it was here on this Earth.

John Singleton will flash across your social media timeline as a man who who gave the world Boys N tha Hood. When that movie first hit in early 1991, no one was ready...definitely not this Country. It was raw, gritty....and it told the truth.

To this day, many will fantasize gang life, even our own. But they have no idea, none...the pain and eventually death. I didn't grow up with rainbows and glitter but I can tell you, I had no idea about tha boys AND girls in tha hood. I walked away from that move with plenty of emotions but....also glad I didn't live that life. Because as they say, I wasn't about "that life".

Mr. Singleton wasn't afraid to put 'US' out there...the good and the bad. He wasn't afraid to show the world the black experience, whatever that experience may have been. And for that, I salute you sir.

John Singleton didn't just give us Boys N tha Hood, he gave us more groundbreaking movies and TV shows. I watched them all with the exception of Snowfall. May he rest in Power. Rest King.

Tuesday Jams features the soundtrack to the groundbreaking movie. 

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