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Monday, May 20, 2019

Hey Babes!

To fully make this blog really mines, I want to talk more than just about books. Now, know that Brazen Babe Reviews will always remain a review blog of sorts and I won't stop talking about the books I'm reading and enjoying. But as many book bloggers know, you can and always will feel like tapping out at times. So, I want to add just a bit more #onhere.

Hence, my journal journey. I've always been one to write things down when things hit me but of late, I haven't been doing much of that. I'm a bit of a Youtube fanatic and I started watching planner/journal videos and my new obsession has been born. Who knew so many aspects of crafting and DIYs could be added to journals? I sure didn't until I fell down the rabbit hole.

I won't lie, I'm kinda grateful for the fall. Because now I can journal with a bit of style, lols. First I picked up (or bought) more journals. 
As you can see, some of these *journals are just some pretty ass notebooks but hey...

I will do a separate post on all the shit I bought because of this new obsession soon, but for now; here are *some* things I've been doing with said journals. 

In the beginning I wanted to keep one journal for all things but decided to keep my Tarot journal separate from my daily one. The pink notebook was the first one I used and since I bought the personal (to stay in my pocketbook) and standard (to stay at home) size Journals, I wasn't going to use it anymore starting fresh with the month of June but...I thought shit, why not just keep on using it. I've already put so much into it.

Starting this journal journey has helped me in many ways as well. It helps with my anxiety, it calms me as once I start writing and crafting with it; I'm able to focus much more and that calms my nerves and gets my mind off of negative things. And the writing part is just...well, lets just say it keeps many folk from getting cussed out, lols.

Now, I will say that because there are so many aspects to Journaling, it is expensive af! But...I found many Youtube DIY videos and let me tell you, that saved me some coins. All and all, I'm loving this new ride and I hope to see you guys along with me on this journey. I'll post some layout posts, DIY/crafting and writing tips posts as I go along. I'll also share some websites that I've come across that helped me out, also some Youtube channels that you can check out. I didn't find many Journal blogs as far as setting up goes. Many Journal blogs I've come across are straight up writing blogs and well, that's not what I'm looking for, so if you know of any DIY/crafting journal/planner blogs...leave the links in the comment section for me.

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Welp, that's my post for today Babes. Until the next one, later days...bye 😘

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