Journal With Me #1

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Hey Ya'll! 

You know what I discovered while browsing Youtube? I discovered that there are really a ton of videos that cover journaling. I found some...but not as many as I thought I would. I found and see many planner channels...but journaling, it's like:

And the few I did find are mostly run by teenagers and children and I'm just like "nah, that's okay". I did look for blogs as well and even those were few and far between. Anyhoo's, I won't harp too much on it but I will say it is a bit disappointing. 

The bit of light I did find in the journaling world is beautiful and the spreads are just gorgeous. I strive to reach those levels sooner rather than later. But everything and everyone has a start and this girl is starting. Let's get to my very first #JournalWithMe. 

I wanted to do a theme built around Grace Jones (I just love her) and I did. 
Video below show how I got to the end results above. 

Oh and if you know of any journal blogs/youtube channels I can follow, leave the links in the comment section. 

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