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Friday, June 7, 2019

Ayesha at Last
Published: June 4, 2019
Format: eGalley (Netgalley)
Author: Uzma Jalaluddin
Genre: Romance, Romantic Comedy
Available: BN | Amazon | Add to Goodreads

You know I never read Pride and Prejudice so honestly, the retelling that Ayesha at Last is based on…I don’t have that to compare too. But I will say that I did enjoy this story. Both Ayesha and Khalid are dutiful Muslims in their own right…Khalid may have been a bit “more” dutiful but I feel like both he and Ayesha both felt the need to please their families. Hence is where IMO, I felt the friction came from between them.

It was so expressed upon that Khalid was judgmental (and he was...) but so was Ayesha and I don’t think she realized it. Khalid for all his awkwardness was truly a good man and very swoon worthy in this story. He was sweet and lawd...introverted. His unwavering faith in seeing the constant good in people even when they were being total asses towards him was...something else (couldn’t be me). His patience throughout Ayesha at Last when dealing with people and the situations around him was medal worthy. As you can see, he is my most favorite character in here…along with Ayesha’s grandfather.

Ayesha…let’s see. I liked her enough. I thought her loyalty towards people in her family was my reason for sticking with her throughout this story. But her treatment of Khalid during most of the reading left me not liking her much (back to that judgmental thing about her from earlier). She IMO constantly berated Khalid about his lack of awareness pertaining to certain things but was running pretty close to second behind him…example? Her being so quick to believe something terrible about Khalid based on rumor. And her lack of apology at the end just didn’t sit right with me.

Still Ayesha at Last is quiet the page turner and I finished it in record time. Ms. Jalauddin covers many things in her story. The racism (and sexism) Khalid faced in the workplace. The sexism Muslim women face not just in the outside world but in their own community. The expectations of both women and men in the Muslim community. Like ya'll, oh my goodness. The author touches upon so many things, I can’t name them all but I appreciate the author giving us a peak into it all. All of this is what I believe makes Ayesha at Last a story worth reading. Add in a bit of humor and a slightly klutzy romance…and well, you will be glad you added this one to your library.

*Ayesha and Khalid discover many things about themselves but eventually both realize that Love indeed does not have to come after marriage, it can definitely come before it. 

Highly recommended! 

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