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Wednesday, August 21, 2019

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Format: eBook (Kindle)
Re-Published: January 17, 2019
*Originally published via Kimani Romance November 2012
Genre: Romance
Series: Temptations #1
Available: Amazon | Add to Gooreads

Brandi Collins is getting back at the man who left her embarrassed at the alter. She’s avoiding chocolate and working out. She plans on showing her ex-fiance what he missed out on. But how can she do that when her new neighbor starts baking….chocolate at that. She can’t win. When she goes to visit her neighbor to ask him or her to stop, she doesn’t expect a literal chocolate gawd to open the door. She’s done for.

Determined to prove his family that he can make his dream happen without their wealth, Adam Ellison leaves his lucrative job and inheritance to purse his desire of becoming a pastry chef like his grandfather before him. And he's doing fine but when his neighbor comes banging on his door one night asking him to stop preparing for an upcoming baking competition....well, he can’t do that but does he offer Brandi his help in assisting with her business endeavors while also hoping to seduce her. She only has to try his chocolate....sweets that is (get your mind out the gutter, lols).
I thought Brandi and Adam had great chemistry together. I loved that Adam wanted Brandi as she was because with her family like hers...girl didn't stand a chance. There was just the right mixture of seriousness and hilarity in the story to keep the flow moving pretty well. Little to no drama and a super quick read. All and all, I enjoyed Taste for Temptation

Side bar: Throw Brandi’s mother all tf away. She was a terrible person. 
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