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Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Format: eGally ARC (Netgalley)
Published: September 24, 2019
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: No
Available: BN | Amazon | Add to Goodreads

A strong 2.5 stars. 

Jordan and Sylvie had a one night stand and then a relationship was supposed to develop from there. But these two barely got to know one another because:

a. Jordan is immediately tapped to take over the family business and then there is another issue (besides his father stealing) that compounded that.

b. Sylvie has trust issues from a previous relationship.

Let me say that Tempted at Midnight started strong but then like after 15%, I was left in a constant state of "I am confusion". Just about everybody in here changed character after that...except Jordan's father. Now he stayed a asshole the whole way through...more on that later. 
Nothing in this story connected for me after that. Jordan and Sylvie because of their separate issues didn’t really have chemistry between them. They slept together a couple of times after the one night stand but with all the extra drama going on in here, I feel like they were too quick to be falling in love with one another. There was no true progression of their relationship. 

Both of them claiming that this was going to be just a friends with benefits type of thing got marred in Jordan falling too fast because Sylvie was “magical”. I don’t want to see this word again for a minute. Like sir, you don't even know that lady like that...*tuh*.  And Sylvie? she kept running to and from the “D” because she wasn’t trying to get hurt again. 

And I get Sylvie’s trust issues but Jordan literally gave her no reason for the reactions we got and I was confused. But shoot, she was damn confused so...
She never wanted to fully talk about what bothered her, this lead to her always jumping to conclusions and jumping at Jordan which left him like..

Image result for what i do gif

And she has a good girlfriend that gave her damn good advise that myself as a reader was 100% thinking about while reading. But Sylvie willfully chose to ignore it.

Then the side stories. Nothing wrapped up completely. Why didn’t their father tell the true reason for what he did? I can’t fully believe that all that money went to a side chick...

This man walked around this book cussing everyone tf out, he really was like "fuk dem kids". Why was he so angry at his own family? What they do besides be his family? 
It didn’t add up. 

And then the mothers sickness. When I read that, I was like...huh? I really threw my hands up like “come on now!” It felt like a last minute thrown in shock moment to get the reader to feel sympathy for her character because of the way she was portrayed earlier in the story.
It didn’t add up either.

It all honestly read like haphazardly thrown together paragraphs and I think Tempted at Midnight could have been more of a solid story if we had gotten more length, a clearer story arc and better character development.

This is a ARC so maybe we’ll get a more cohesive story with the final version...I don’t know. But for now, this story didn’t work for me.

*thank you to the publisher/author for the opportunity to read/review.

*this review was also published on Goodreads. It's been slightly updated. 

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