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Tuesday, September 3, 2019


Format: eBook (eGalley-ARC)
Published: September 3, 2019
Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy
Series: Kingdom of Souls #1
Available: BN | Amazon | Add it to  Goodreads

*This is a updated version of my initial review on Goodreads. 

Arrah doesn't carry magic as her parents and grandmother do and she along with her mother are disappointed. When the Kingdom of Tamar faces unspeakable danger, it is Arrah that must save it. But how can a girl with no magic save her family, friends and the Kingdom? 

KOS has the makings of a great epic fantasy. Filled with family drama and secrets, Gods and demons, betrayal, action packed battles and a budding young romance...all of this is encompassed with magic. You can easily get lost in this story arc but I must admit that the third act brings the action to a screeching halt and slows the story down significantly, at least it did for me.  

KOS does pick back up with the fourth act but there are multiple arcs going on within this book and you can loose your footing. The authors writing however is well though out and the plot is cohesive. There is a bit of inconsistency at times but Ms. Barron does manage to wrangle us back in. I was only slightly surprised with the ending and how Arrah ties into overall plot of KOS but man, its a ending worthy of getting to. I do wish there was some type of bibliography added to give us a description of some of the demons, weapons, etc....maybe it will be in the finished copy. 

All and all, I really enjoyed Kingdom of Souls and the world that Ms. Barron has given us. KOS looks like its going to be a magnificent series and I look forward to reading more to find out how Arrah and her friends fair against the demon king AND the twin Gods. I'll definitely be adding the finished copy to my physical library

*There is violence and gore in KOS and being that this is a YA novel, if you have issues with these sorts of themes; then you may to check the book out before giving to your child to read. 
The book also has a updated cover, I like this one better.

*Thank you to the author/publisher for the opportunity to read/review.

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