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Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Hey Babes, just a quick note. I've already read/reviewed book one in this series so I'll be re-posting.... or linking my original review to Song of Blood and Stone. Let's get to this thing shall we? 

Format: ebook (ARC)
Published: October 1 2019
Series: Earthsinger Series (2)
Genre: Fantasy
Available: BN | Amazon | Goodreads

I think Whispers of Shadow & Flame is a great follow up to the first book even though the stories are completely different from one another. 

The mantle between Elsira and Lagrimar is on the verge of breaking and war is inevitable. Both Darvyn and Kyara have their places to fight. One grudgingly, willingly...the other not so much. 

Darvyn truly wants to help but is burdened by the duties placed daily on his shoulders. Kyara doesn't want her deadly power any longer for she knows that is not just killing her targets but also it's killing her. Realizing that they're both tools to be used against forces that want complete and total control over their perspective powers; they decide to come together, fight for their freedom against a mad King and save two worlds. 

I enjoy this world that L. Penelope has given us in the Earthsinger Chronicles. Each protagonist is given an arc that is relatable and they are written to be complex characters who realize both their strengths and weaknesses, also the world building has subtle ties into what is currently happening in Today's timeline such as immigration and the such. 

I do think that at times throughout the book that the author can be over descriptive and this allows the story to become drawn out. Readers will get lost especially if they are going into this book without reading the first. And even though we have separate stories, I feel like it would be beneficial to read book 1, Song of Blood and Stone because they do tie together. 

I still believe that this series is a good one to invest in should you have the patience to delve into the optics this author has chosen to give us. 

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Published: July 19, 2019 (Reprint)
Series: Earthsinger Chronicles (1)
Genre: Fantasy
Available: BN | Amazon | Goodreads

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