Escaping Exodus by Nicky Drayden

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Format: eBook
ARC (NetGalley)
Published: October 15, 2019
Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy
Available: BN | Amazon | Add to Goodreads

Complex world building
Unlikable characters
Likable characters
Lack of character growth
Interesting and creative story arc
Pacing of the story is fast to slow
I was completely bored with Part 3
I liked Adalla way more that I liked Sekse. 

Escaping Exodus has the remnants of a space opera with a tinge of horror. I was most interested in her idea of female to male hierarchy as I myself love stories as such and I'm also interested to see where authors go when they decide to take on this trope. 

The story is told from two different POVs, Seske future leader of the people on this ship or "beast" and Adalla, I guess what you would call a worker on the "beast". Basically Earth is no more and now humans travel through space on Beasts, they live within these beast. 

There is a romantical element in EE as well as Seske and Adalla develop a relationship outside of them being best friends but keep in mind that hierarchy word I used earlier. Since Seske is tasked to be leader one day, a romance with Adalla is out of the question because she is what would be consider in today's term low class. As Seske struggles with her family issues AND secrets so does Adalla. There are aspects of the story outside of the romance that the girls must deal with, like keeping their new home and its habitants safe. 

I like the idea of what Ms. Drayden did with Escaping Exodus, its quite imaginative... and there is enough drama: secrets, betrayal, etc...etc. She did however loose me in some parts of the story especially the 3rd part which took a total 360 degree turn. There are unfinished not neatly wrapped up plot holes as well. 

At the end of it all. I like Escaping Exodus but something felt like it was missing and I can't explain what that something was.

*Thank you to the publisher/author for the opportunity to read/review.

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