#PodcastFridays | Episode 22. A Week of Thanks-Reading

Friday, November 29, 2019


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Vlog Book Review | Neighborly by Katrina Jackson

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

48344891. sy475

Author: Katria Jackson
Series: Erotic Accommodations 2
Available: Amazon 
*also available via Kindle Unlimited
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Everthing's Better with Lisa by Lucy Eden

Monday, November 25, 2019

Everything's Better with Lisa blitz banner.jpg

EBWL JS Cover.png
Stand-Alone: yes
Publication Date: November 25, 2019
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Romantic Comedy, Interracial
Heat Level: Erotic

Lisa Betancourt has been my neighbor for months, but I didn’t know she existed until the night she threatened me with a baseball bat. To be fair, I kinda had it coming. That was also the night my entire life changed—my biological mother passed away suddenly and mysteriously, leaving behind a surprise baby. The moment I laid eyes on CJ’s chubby face, I knew I would do anything for him. What I didn’t know was how to take care of him. Fortunately, Lisa turned out to be my salvation in more ways than one. She stepped in and changed everything. The more time I spend with her, the more I hope the change can be permanent. Unfortunately, the pressure at work and unraveling the mystery of my mother’s past makes me wonder how that could be possible… 
Cole Simmons lives in the brownstone next to mine and was an insensitive jerk, or at least I thought he was until he got custody of his baby brother, who’s just as adorable as he is.  As the oldest child in a big family, I couldn’t resist stepping in to help when I realized my handsome neighbor was in over his head when it came to babies, though I’ve learned the hard way that handsome men can’t always be trusted. I moved to New York to start a new life, adjust to my new normal and heal from a bad divorce. Unfortunately, my heart didn’t get the memo, and the more time I spent with Cole and the impossibly sweet CJ, the more I start to wonder if my neighbor isn’t the only one in over his head…
This full-length novel can be read as a standalone but is the third book in the Everything’s Better series. You’ll see friends from Everything’s Better with You, Everything’s Better with Kimberly & Cherishing the Goddess. Cole & Lisa’s love story is chock full of Enemies to Lovers, Single Parent, Secret Baby (or two), Nanny (no power imbalance) & Fake Engagement goodness and is safe with NO cheating.
Available: Amazon | BN | Apple | Kobo
EBWL Playlist.jpg
(International winner will receive $25 Amazon gift card and digital book instead of swag box.)

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Lucy Eden is the nom de plume of an romance obsessed author who writes the kind of romance she loves to read. She’s a sucker for alphas with a soft gooey center, over the top romantic gestures, strong & smart MCs, humor, love at first sight (or pretty damn close), happily ever afters & of course, dirty & steamy love scenes.
When Lucy isn’t writing, she’s busy reading—or listening to—every book she can get her hands on— romance or otherwise.
She lives & loves in New York with her husband, two children, a turtle & a Yorkshire Terrier.

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Autumn Falls by Tiye Love

Friday, November 22, 2019

Autumn Falls banner.jpg

Stand-Alone: yes
Series: A Love for all Seasons, Book 1
Publication Date: October 18, 2019
Genre: Romance, Contemporary Romance, New Adult, Women’s Fiction
Heat Level: Sensual

When love is only a few feet away...
Determined not to follow her mother's footsteps and give up her dreams for a man, Autumn Locke has no time or desire for a serious relationship. She simply wants to enjoy her last year of college and study hard, while playing even harder. Falling in love was never a part of the plan. Until she unexpectedly has to live with Quincy Jackson, the sexy head drum major, who is just as resolute to tempt Autumn to act on their undeniable attraction.

Available: Amazon

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Tiye Love recalled reading romance ever since she was a young child and would sneak and read the Western love stories her grandmother kept on her bedside table. Although she didn’t understand half of the words she read at the time, something about those books captured her attention. As she grew older, her love of romance expanded to other genres, and she became a fan of anything remotely related to reading and books, such as libraries, bookstores, and the coffeeshop around the corner. She loves to travel and has lived in several cities, including New Orleans, Washington D.C., and Houston, and finds inspiration for her stories from every place she has had the fortune to visit or inhabit. When Tiye is not obsessed with her latest characters, she spends time with herself, family, and friends doing whatever she can to create daily moments of enjoyment.


FYI: This cover is too cute! 
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Mixed Matched by Mia Heintzelman

Thursday, November 21, 2019

Mixed Match banner.jpg

Stand-Alone: no
Series: All Mixed Up, Book 2
Publisher: Levi Lynn Books
Publication Date: November 26, 2019
Genre: Romance, Chick Lit, Contemporary Romance, Contemporary Fiction, Women’s Fiction, Romantic Comedy
Heat Level: Sensual

She was the only woman he wanted. He was the one man she couldn't trust. Will this unsuited pair clash? Or is it a...

Sophia Kent used to be a badass knife-wielding chef. Nowadays, she’s lucky if she can remember to put on a bra. Between the move to Portland and unpacking boxes, she’s glad there’s only one name on the title. Unfortunately, at the door there’s a gorgeous messenger with a document claiming she’s not the rightful owner.
Dead-set on getting his grandmother’s house back, real estate investor Everett Monroe is determined to see the thief go down, even if he has to deliver the summons himself. Only, the beautiful mess at the door is charming, sexy—and nothing like the man whose family’s been feuding with Everett’s for generations.
He doesn’t know whether she’s a pawn or a player, and she doesn’t know he’s not just a messenger, so after a few “chance” meetings, when she enlists his help to find a location for her restaurant, he agrees. After all, in thirty days there’s going to be a hearing granting him ownership and she’ll be long gone. Except, somewhere between sunset mountain hikes, brilliantly lit musical bridges, and picturesque Japanese Gardens, a dangerous attraction weaves its way between the secrets and lies. Forced to confront the truth, Everett must ask himself what good a home is without the one you love to share it with.


Mixed Signals (Book 1 of the All Mixed Up Series) ebook

Mia Heintzelman.jpg
Mia Heintzelman is a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley and the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. She is a Chicago native who always has a book in her purse, loves to pair sweet and spicy tea with fluffy socks, and can’t go wrong with polka dots and pearls. She lives in Las Vegas with her husband and two children.

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Unwrapping Hanie by Empi Baryeh

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

unwrapping hanie banner.jpg

Stand-Alone: yes
Publication Date: November 19, 2019
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance
Heat Level: Erotic

Is she willing to risk her heart for a man she’s never met?

Hanie Morrision has either completely lost her mind, or she’s finally taken charge of her love life when she starts a liaison with a man she meets online. Their friendship fast becomes more, and she’s having the best (cyber) sex of her life.

When her internet lover decides to travel halfway across the world to see her, she must make a decision of her own—book a one-way ticket back to reality or risk her heart and find love one orgasm at a time.

Available: Amazon | Amazon UK | Amazon CA | Apple | Kobo
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Empi Baryeh is the award-winning author of Most Eligible Bachelor (Book of the year, 2017 Ufere Awards). She works fulltime as a university administrator and spend her spare time writing sweet and sensual African, multicultural and interracial romance, and women's fiction.
Her interest in writing started around the age of thirteen after she stumbled upon a YA story her sister had started and abandoned. The story fascinated her so much that, when she discovered it was unfinished, she set out to complete it. Somehow the rest of the story began to take shape in her mind and she's been writing ever since.
She lives in Accra, Ghana, with her husband and their two lovely kids.
She loves to hear from readers, so follow or drop her a note on:

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Sympathy and Retweets | Sarah Dessen and Twitter Rages

Monday, November 18, 2019

The past week on Twitter, Author Sarah Dessen; a YA author took offense to a college students words. Those words were quoted from a local paper where said student stated she didn't think Ms. Dessen's books were okay for a common read that year. After Ms. Dessen tweeted a cropped picture of the student's quote, the twitter machine got going and well...the dumpster fire that the Twitters can sometime be started....

*pardon my cussing, I was mad...apologies 😒.

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Aja | She's Got Soul (Soulmates #1)

Friday, November 15, 2019

Hey Babes! Happy Friday!!!

Welcome to another author-book spotlight. Today, Aja shows us her new release, She's Got Soul. This is the first book in her Soulmates series. Take a swing over to Amazon and check her books out today. 
48494907. sx318
soul mate
/ˈsōl ˌmāt/
a person ideally suited to another as a close friend or romantic partner.

Zola Lewis is many things to many people. She’s a marketing extraordinaire by day, and a podcast host by night. She’s also a devoted daughter, a funny and caregiving auntie to her sister’s daughter. But, the one thing she is not, is a wife to a loving husband and she’s beginning to think that could never happen because she’s entirely too opinionated for most men. One night on her live podcast, she experienced a challenging caller who seemed to aggravate her more than a little, and Zola wondered who was more opinionated. Zola or the caller?

Khalil Berry was a bit of a nerd growing up, and as a result, also a bit of a late bloomer. Time not spent with girls allowed him to stick with books. His big brain landed him many opportunities and by his mid-twenties, he’d amassed a fortune from his software apps. The latest app he’s developing requires more hands on research and he decides to do the research himself. First stop, listening to a podcast by a woman talking about women; a topic he was beginning to learn more about since his money seems attracts them all the time. The task was simple, listen and take notes. But, her voice is too melodic and her words, well, let’s just say she didn’t know what she was talking about as far as he was concerned. So he calls in to correct her.

They’re both great at giving a piece of their mind, but can they hand over their well-guarded hearts?

Available: Amazon
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I Can Love you by Mackenzie Joy

Thursday, November 14, 2019

I Can Love You blitz banner.jpg


Stand-Alone: yes
Publication Date: November 12, 2019
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Heat Level: Sensual

Her heart. His song.

R&B sensation Tara Russell is at the top of her game. It’s cost her nearly everything, but her hard work and sacrifice has finally paid off. All she needs now is for her new album to succeed. Too bad her best friend and music producer thinks that won’t happen unless she opens up her heart, bleeds onto a page, and creates an epic love song. But how is she supposed to write a song like that when her only experience with love ended in devastation?
Quinton “Q” Ellis is on a mission. He’s determined to be the muse Tara needs to produce the best album of her career. If he can help her overcome everything she’s been through and set her emotions to music, she’ll become a legend. And if he’s really lucky, he might even be able to convince her that love without pain is possible … and to see him as more than just a friend.
It’s not long before the lines between friendship and passion blur. They’re hitting all the right notes together, but can two people with troubled pasts and a handful of heartbreaking secrets between them find their way to happily ever after?


ICLY Teaser 1.jpg



Q's Mix.jpg

Your Author

I believe in...
playlists on repeat.
red lipstick and nudes.
brothers in timbs. please and thank you.
down blankets and pillows.
open window when it rains.
dancing with no clothes on.
rum drinks with lime and sweet sugar cane.
Mackenzie Joy
Love more. Kiss more.
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Tuesday Jams #197

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Hey Babes! Tuesdays, we jam out to whatever song or songs that gets us moving. Monday is over so....jam with me 😁.

Ladies and Gentlemen, The Jones Girls: 

Have a song that you're jamming to? Share this post and the song. 

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