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Monday, November 11, 2019

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Welcome to another author-book spotlight. Today Desiree Francies shows us two of her fairly new releases, A Break from Normal and Prove Me Wrong. Deets are below! Take a swing over to Amazon and check both books out. 

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Does love really conquer all?

Or does love really have nothing to do with it most of the time?

Can unlikely friends grow to be more than that when there are so many forces trying to keep them apart?

I like who I am. And I enjoy my calm organized life just the way that it is. My best friend may enjoy living in a crazy world fueled by money and sex, but that's never been me. My career as an author is finally starting to take off, and I don't have time for surprises right now. This man lives the same life my best friend does, and I have no intensions on disturbing my peace. But I don't think he'll be satisfied just being my friend.

She makes me want to be a better person. She even makes me want to be honest with her. But I can't. A friendship is all that she's willing to give because she would never fit in my world. And I wouldn't want her to. She's better than that. I've lost the desire to do what I love, and she somehow brings it back. Her beautiful words and her over all presence grounds me. But what would she say if she knew the truth?

"We weren't supposed to be friends. And we definitely weren't supposed to be more than that..."

Author/Book Nerd… Check
Singer/Millionaire… Check
Complicated love story… Double Check
*This is one half of a double release, characters from Prove Me Wrong also by Desiree Francies are present, but both can be read as stand alone novels*

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"At their core, all black men are the same. But I'll give you three months to prove otherwise..."

“Sounds like a bet to me...”

Two extremely different individuals make a bet to prove their own philosophy. With a poll of their friends together, they will see whose ideals hold up over time. Three months is the deadline...

My friends may judge my dating habits and judge me for feeling the way that I do, but I refuse to apologize for who I am. I've seen enough to know that underneath it all, most black men are exactly the same. I'm not saying anything is wrong with them... Well, not much anyway. I just don't want to date them. I'm not trying to repeat the same mistakes so many sista's out there have.

I'm attractive. I'm every woman's type. I know, they've told me. It may seem arrogant, but it is what it is. Ladies don't want to admit this, but all women think the same way. It just takes the right combination of words and their panties are mine. A single, financially stable black man with no kids who looks the way I do? Psshh, I'm a freaking unicorn, baby.

So, is she wrong?
Is he wrong?

Or do they both have something to learn?

Enemies to lovers... Check
Amazing friendships... Check
Hilarious characters to love... Double Check
*This is one half of a double release, A Break From Normal also by Desiree Francies is available, but both can be read as stand alone novels*

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Desiree Francies is an extremely creative individual from the Baltimore area who fell in love with reading years ago at Delaware State University where she received her bachelor’s (Go Hornets!)

She writes what she would love to read, she writes what she feels is needed, and she writes from a perspective she feels is missing far too often. Desiree sees storylines in people she meets, people she knows, even a stranger from a news coverage possibly. She believes that we are all just a combination of our past experiences, and she loves exploring that to create an in-depth creative reality.

Visit her Neon Corner at for book trailers, early cover releases, her Neon Newsletter, sneak peeks into upcoming releases, and more!

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