A Taste of Her Own Medicine by Tasha L. Harrison

Monday, December 16, 2019

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Published: December 10, 2019
Dirtyscribbler Press
Format: eBook (Kindle)
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Available: Amazon
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A Taste of Her Own Medicine tells us the story of a woman newly divorced and finding her footing in a new relationship.

To give you guys this review without telling this whole story is hard for me…I mean not really but it’s just that I felt Sonja’s feelings all throughout this read. Like I’ve never been married but I know the feelings of coming out of a long term relationship and attempting to gain your new singledom. Especially when you have kids in tow. 

You feel like you have this “baggage” and how are going to go into something new with this additional weight in your suitcase? Some men are okay with it …. And some are not. Lucky for Sonja enters into her life a man who doesn’t mind her bringing her children along into his life. But at the end of the day, what choice did he have not to? I mean we do have women who will forgo their children’s feelings to “move on” but that is a whole nother conversation for another day. Let’s get into A Taste of Her Own Medicine.

Sonja, newly divorced needs a way to support herself and her children. So registering herself into an  entrepreneurship program to get her metaphysical business off the ground seems like a good way to start. But the teacher of that class Atlas James just might be a problem for Sonja…
A problem she never knew she needed.

Atlas is getting life back in order in the small town in Greenville SC. After becoming a self-made millionaire traveling, he’s back home and sets up shop with his best friend Kairo. Business is going good and strong. Then Sonja Watts walks through the door and Atlas falls…. Hard.

One, I love the different topics Ms. Harrison decided to take on in ATOHOM. We just don’t deal with Sonja’s feelings as a newly divorced mom trying to gain her footing but Atlas. Atlas is the product of an affair and didn’t have the easiest life growing up in a small town. It made sense for him to want to leave. But when he left, his family and friend Kairo were left devastated. So we get discussions of this throughout the book.

I thought I would be uncomfortable reading about the age difference between our main protagonists because I will admit, I’m not much of a fan of older women-young men books. Let's be clear that I'm not a fan of old dudes and young women either....
Anyhoo's, I tend to make it about myself at times really. I have sons and man listen, if they were to bring a older woman home to meet me, I might wanna fight lols. Because I gots questions ma’am. BUT Atlas ain’t that young…he’s actually 9 and ½ years younger than Sonja and shit, after dealing with a dude like her stank ass ex, Atlas IMO was just what she needed. Her family agreed with me, lols.

Tasha L Harrison tells us the story of a woman finding love again after feeling like she failed at her marriage. She intertwines magic and Gullah references (Sonja’s family), good strong friends and family, insecurities and reflection. And banging ass sex.

This ya’ll is a good ass read. And I connected, I really did with a character. I got Sonja’s feelings about moving onto something new even if that something was good for her. We all have those moments of doubts, I appreciated the author given us that in Sonja… and Atlas too.

Add A Taste of Her Own Medicine to your TBR list to read. 

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