Netherfield Must Go! by Nikki Payne

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

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Book 1 | August 30, 2019
Book 2 | September 30, 2019
Format: eBook (Kindle)
Serial Series
Genre: Romance Retelling 
Pride and Prejudice
Available: Amazon

I will continue to tell ya’ll that I haven’t to this day read Pride and Prejudice but I am enjoying the re-tellings that I’m coming across. 

Netherfield Must Go! Tells us the story of local DJ Liza Bennett and rich developer Dorsey Fitzgerald.

Liza lives in a poor neighborhood and the housing project her grandmother and mother stays in is the last building standing in the way of complete and total gentrification of their neighborhood. Liza is not having it…she don’t want it. I don’t know about her mom…but she don’t want it. Liza considers herself the local protester and she has enough social media following to back her. But what can she do against this new threat that comes in?

Dorsey Fitzgerald. Adopted by white parents, doesn’t fit it anywhere really…. Or he feels like he doesn’t. The world his parents built AND comes from is too white and Dorsey is the only brown face. He’s Filipino and Taiwanese.  His adoptive parents were like the Jolie-Pitt’s wherein they adopted children from different countries. But what I got from this story, the children here never had any connection to their culture….
We’ll have to talk about that one day but…. Today isn’t the day.

Anyhoo’s, when Liza first meets Dorsey…she mistakes him for the help and he's instantly offended and also sees her for what he assumes the fake ass protester she seems to be. Ya’ll this shit was hilarious.

I think the author did a good job of letting us know right off the back the difference between Liza and Dorsey in regards to their financial situations. She made it very clear that Liza was poor af and Dorsey was super rich.

Despite said differences, both Liza and Dorsey couldn’t keep their eyes and thoughts off one another. And what’s that all about anyways, thinks the both of them. Different classes, different finances? It shouldn’t be hard, correct? But it is? And neither of our protagonists can understand why. 
They clearly don't like each other.... or do they? 

Again, I thought the characters here were hysterical af. And I’m not just talking about Liza and Dorsey. Liza’s family was off the gahtdamn chain. Reminded me of mine a bit. Her Mom and Grandmother saying off the wall shit was like oh ma’am what is you doing? But I got it, lols. I be correcting my mom with the face below…a lot.
awkward michael scott GIF
I be like "You can't say that"

We are only two books into this serial story but I feel like Ms. Payne has a good one on her hands. I had no problem with either Liza or Dorsey. I got both their perspectives in this story. Liza doesn’t want to lose the home she knows. She doesn’t want the new and approved…I mean maybe she does but can’t we have the new without erasing brown and black folk?

And Dorsey, honestly…he is just trying to find his footing. What else can he do? Having one foot in a world that doesn’t really accept you is hard but when the one world you think would accept you (i.e…you biological mother) doesn’t.... what are you to do? How do you move along without flapping?
I look forward to reading the remaining installments in Netherfield Must Go!

I’m very interested to see where Liza and Dorsey end. 

*These covers are are too damn cute! all bright and pretty. 
Add Netherfield Must Go! to your reading library. 

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