November 2019 Wrap-Up

Monday, December 2, 2019

November 2019 Wrap Up

Well November went uneventful as it could...I have no complaints, lols. I got a good amount of reading and reviewing in and watched some good TV. Some challenges I decided to take on didn't get completed but hey, whats a girl to do? I'll try again. Well, lets reflect:

Book Read/Reviewed:
If you're so interested, you can read/watch my reviews via here (the blog), Goodreads or Youtube or listen via the Podcast.
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I had the gumption to put up two podcast episodes this month:

TV Watching
I've been watching a-lot more Hulu then Netflix this month but I also decided to invest in Disney's streaming service. Because I wanted to watch the Mandalorian with the little baby Yoda (which now folks are saying that's not his name? Tuh! then why he looks a baby Yoda then?). I finished (finally!) Classroom Assassination, an Anime. I finished Death Parade as well, which was interesting to say the least but still good.  Also watched Gun Grave (dude has a gun for a face and I-...), this one to me was quite confusing. I'll have to watch it again to get a full understanding of it all. On Netflix, I found a couple of good watches: Nobody's Looking, Burning Cane, One Last Thing and Maid Sama!

As far as Journaling.....

Well, I...I decided to join a Journal challenge, A Journal Mood hosted by Peta over at Comfy Cozy Up and chile, I failed that one miserably. I was able to get three days done, the rest of November? Le sigh. I'm really happy I was able to get some journaling done shout out to Peta for the assist ;).

Tarot & Oracle Cards:
So, I got me hands on a couple of decks this month. Yay! Here they are below:
Isis Oracle (Pocket Edition): Awaken the High Priestess Within

I have one more deck to get before the year is out, it's going to be a Christmas present to myself. I have a affliction for skulls and bones so. The Marigold Tarot:
Gilded Gold - The Marigold Tarot

All and all, it was a good month. Again, I can't complain. Life is what it is and the only thing we can do has humans is move against this life the best way we can.

I hope December is a great month for everyone and I'll talk to ya'll on my next post.

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