Sharonda Isadora's Favorite Reads of 2019

Friday, December 20, 2019

The end of the year is upon us and its time for the best of, favorites...etc, etc lists. Mines? Like me its pretty melinanted. I read some dope ass books this year...I still have some dope books I haven't had a chance to open but that will be remedied in the new year.

By order of my Goodreads list: January 2019 thru December 2019|
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I think I had a truly mix-bag of reads. Yeah, mostly romance is up there but hey 😆.

If you want read to about black and brown people in the liquor/beer making business? Read Equivalent Exchange and White Whiskey Bargain.

I need to find more Black werewolves, thank you Chencia!
I found Black mermaids, thank you LeeSha McCoy because ma'am!

Katrina Jackson let me read truly grown ass adults sharing each other with no damn drama.

How about a book blogger and publisher hooking up? Read My Love Wasn't Meant For You.

And Audible? I started my membership...again, lols. And honestly, I'm not mad about it although, they're still too damn expensive. But I'm happy to see more black romance popping up on Audible. So I will keep them for now.... 😆

Twenty-Twenty will be another awesome year of reading my 'favs and discovering new authors.
I'm also looking forward to adding more than just "book reviews" to the blog. There will be more book related discussions; I won't get all crazy but if I see something that I want to speak on, I'm going to talk about it here.  But mainly those discussions will be podcast related. More journal with me's, tarot card hauls and more cross-posting of my Youtube videos and Podcasts.

I also want to be more inclusive here at Brazen Babe Reviews. Even though this blog will stay committed to black books, mainly romance. I want to read more POC centered stories. If you know of any (mainly) indie authors of color that have books out there point them my way or let me know where to find them.

I'm ready for it all

Should you want to "read" my reviews on these awesome ass books. Check out the BLOG, My Goodreads list, Youtube and Podcast.

This will be my last post here at the blog for 2019. Make sure your are following me on Goodreads and Instagram as if I do a review, they will appear on those sites.

Wishing you all a Happy Holiday and A banging ass New Year. I will see ya'll in 2020.

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