When The Side N*gga Catch Feelings by Jessica N. Watkins

Friday, January 31, 2020

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Published: October 22, 2019
Audible Studios
Book 1
Genre: Urban Romance
Available: Amazon | BN 
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What a title huh? This beautiful people is what you would call a "Urban" romance. 

Lets get into this here thing! 

I think author did a good job of keeping the drama going in WTSNCF and chile...listen, it was a-lot. I do feel like the themes here are typical for this genre; cheating, drugs, backstabbing, abuse, murder and other assortments of crazy. I won't knock the author for that. 

Four characters. Heaven, Treasure, Ross and Vegas. All caught up in the dysfunctions that are their lives and being hood rich isn't helping said dysfunctions not nere damn bit. It only perpetuates the messy things that continue to go on around them. Heaven and Treasure though solve their "issues" by each taking on a side dude and by doing that, they both bring on drama like they've never seen...shit really gets real. These women thought they were playing chess when it was very obvious, they were playing checkers.  

Now, what gets me about urban romances is the non-solving of the issues these characters are dealing with. But with *some* urban stories, the authors of these books aren't expecting their readers to go into the story to find out why these men/women continue to cheat or stay with abusive partners. Their readers aren't going into these stories to see if the characters come to some sort of resolution for the trauma constantly inflicted on them. Their readers are going into these stories for the knock-out over the top drag you by your hair drama. The ratchet, ghetto mess of it all and there is nothing wrong with that. These stories have their niche. 

As far as the audio format of WTSNCF, I think the narrators did a good job of voicing the characters emotions and scenes. This one definitely needed multiple narrators and thank gawd it happened. 

When the Side N*gga Catch Feelings is definitely one of those books to add your reading or listening pleasure if the genre is for you. And even though this might be your kinda tea, its a-lot... so tread carefully. 

Trigger warnings: domestic physical abuse and assault.

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Episode 25 | Black Romance and Classic Retellings

Wednesday, January 29, 2020


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Books Talked about in this Episode: 

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Both books are available via Amazon and the Kindle Unlimited program

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Courtship by Nia Forrester

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Published: December 10, 2019
*Ibrahim & Jada son appears in
  Snowflake, a previous book by the author.
Format: eBook (Kindle)
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Available: Amazon
*Kindle Unlimited
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I had to really sit back and think about this review. I mean like I cleaned, showered and ate first... I had to think. 

Let me start off by saying what an exceptional writer this author is. I've only read one other Nia Forrester book and that one had me mucked up too. Ms. Forrester is truly able to draw you so emotionally into her stories, you really do feel some kind of way about these characters and their stories. But mainly, her stories...her characters IMO reflects everyday life and you feel a tinge of remorse, reliability, anger and....kinship. It might explain how I feel when I finish her stories, I'm not sure how to rate them, lols.
tears crying GIF

In Courtship, we are told the story of Ibrahim and Jada Carter a couple currently struggling in their marriage. Ibrahim has returned home from jail and is trying to adjust to his surroundings. A changed neighborhood, a grown son with a son... and a wife whom he feels he doesn't know anymore.

I can't say there wasn't anything I disliked about Courtship. I liked Ibrahim and Jada as this couple who are older and trying to figure out their relationship.... but that's only because they hooked and married so young. And even after years of being married mixed in the with time that Ibrahim served, this couple still had to learn one another because they really didn't know one another imo. Both Ibrahim and Jada kept secrets. But Ibrahim, lawd he was a lot and imo a bit hotepish especially in the way he saw Jada when they were younger. I do however, feel like for both of them, they were something wholly different outside of their normal surroundings and this caused both Jada and Ibrahim to put each other on pedestals they could barely stand on.

Telling us their story by giving us past/present timelines was brilliant. I do feel like the storytelling dragged a bit often times throughout the read; but for me that read as this couples inability at times to say what really needed to be said to each other, even after years into their marriage. Also, the ending felt incomplete to me but.... I still feel like this couple was going to be okay. 

At the end of it all. Courtship is a brilliantly told story. If your one of those readers that love high angst tales and looking for a romance with a older couple, then give this one a go. Five stars. 

*this review was originally posted via the blogs Instagram and Goodreads. 

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Journal With Me #4

Monday, January 27, 2020

Hey Babes!

My first Journal With Me for the blog and for the new year 2020. I had a bit of a oopsie towards the end of the video. Being all fast and what not, I ended up cutting off the picture at the end of the full entry and had to re-upload 🙈 lols. Anyhoos Enjoy!

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Lowdown Dirty by Holley Trent

Friday, January 24, 2020

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Published: September 8, 2019
Self Published
Format: eBook (Kindle)
Genre: Romance
*Kink, BDSM
Available: Amazon | BN
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I haven’t read a Holley Trent book in a damn minute and I think that Lowdown Dirty was a good trip back into her work.

Tim Down and Valerie Lawson have their kinks, he’s a dom and she’s a sub. Although Valerie is on hiatus, Tim is interesting to her and she doesn’t want interesting but she needs it.

Lowdown Dirty is a slow burn kink read, even though the sex between them moves pretty quickly…the romance itself is slow building and I’m not sure if I was mad at that or not, lols. Valerie wanted someone to take care of her, kinda needed it but she fought what Tim was offering. And I got it, she was used to being in charge by assisting her Grandmother in taking care of her sister; she also watched her mother loose herself to a man...so again, I got it but lawd and heaven on high…she worked my soul. I was like woman, just fuck this man or something because whew! She was stressing Tim and myself out. It was one point in the story where he told her he knew his worth and didn’t chase women around but he chased her silly ass. He then proceeded to fuck the shit outta her, I was like:

That was a good ass scene Holley. Had me sit up in my bed lols.

I think the author did a good job of building the tension and issues between our main protagonists. Tim had his own shit going on with a teenage son whom imo should have been in jail but privilege and all that. He really wanted to settle down again but felt like nothing as far as relationships go were working in his favor until Valerie came along. I like that he wanted to fight for her but didn’t get pushy with her either, he was willing to let her go figure out what she needed to. Very different Dom vibes with him.

All and All, I like this story. I had some good ass chuckles while reading. Holly Trent has a wicked sense of humor and it shows in LD. The side characters where a good ride as well, especially Tim’s ex-wife Heidi. I wished I had that kind of relationship with my ex but every time I try, he just fucks it up and then I want to fuck him up…so. Anyhoo’s if you have a thing for kink in your romances, add Lowdown Dirty to your reading list. Like I said, it’s a slow burner but at the end of it all, I thought it was worth getting to the end. Four stars.

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The Garden of Eden: A Romance Stand-Alone by Millie Belizaire

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

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Published: December 20, 2019
Series: No
Self Published
Genre: Romance
Available: Amazon | BN
*Kindle Unlimited
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Ya’ll, this book! Ugh so damn good. Millie Belizarie did such a good ass job telling this story.

Both Eden and Drew are emotionally conflicted characters but IMO this is what made them so…appealing. Both are dealing with demons that ring so true to life…bitch! Imma tell ya’ll I was feeling some things while reading, not sure if they were good, bad or both but I felt them!

Ms. Belizaire’s story telling is so descriptive and flowed well on these pages, I really felt like I was in New Orleans with Eden and Drew. I had all the gahtdam feels. Listen, if this is a master at their craft, I don’t know what tf is. Telling this story with characters who are dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina was stellar. Drew and Anika (his lover and best friend) are the kind of characters I want to read about when it comes to telling the stories of people dealing with lost and pain. Neither really recovered from the lost they suffered after the storm and baby; they are still dealing. Especially Drew. His relationship with this Father and the church. Man, I felt it…I feel it. But what I loved so much about Drew’s character is that he was dark in a soothing calming way. He was still there for anyone that needed him to be even while going through his own shit. Bitch…he is different, and I love this author for portraying him as such. Not writing this man as an abuser (because of his past and using it as an excuse) in any shape or form is amazing and I give this author deep props for it. The only thing Drew mucked up for me was the Anika situation, but I got it….

Eden had her own set of shits EVEN though she was a Grammy winning RnB artist. Insecurities plague her emotions and body. The people around her love her but don’t really SEE her. I love the fact that the author talks about Eden’s body issues because yes thin women have body dysmorphia too. Instagram models got everybody fucked up out here. The only thing Eden mucked up for me was the baby issue, but I got it….

All and all I really did love this story, Drew and Eden played well off each other even though they annoyed my soul at times, lols. TGOE is a chunker but the length of this book did the story justice. This would not have worked as a novella or short as there is “too much” to tell and this is good thing. It’s a slow burner romance so if that’s your “jush”, then definitely grab this one up.

Song Reference

*Thank to the author for gifting me The Garden of Eden: A Romance and for the opportunity to read/review. 

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Tarot Deck Look-Through | The Light Seer's Tarot

Sunday, January 19, 2020

Happy Monday Babes!

A new week is upon us...booo! lols and January is almost over. Where does the time continue to go? So...as I stated in my end of the year post, I wanted to share more of the Tarot decks I've been purchasing and today's deck I came across when I looking at another deck it's creator made. 
Anyhoo's, the Light Seer's tarot was originally a Kickstarter deck but is now mass produced through Hay House Inc. I purchased my deck at Barnes and Noble

The definition of the deck and what you can gleam from it: 
"By reimagining the traditional tarot archetypes and symbols in a contemporary, boho, and intuitive style, The Light Seer's Tarot expresses the light and shadow sides of our natures and explores the lessons that can be learned from both.
The expressive characters who live within the landscapes of the cards tell stories, ask questions, and provide guidance. This deck is an ideal companion as you seek to uncover the places in your life-and in yourself-that are most in need of illumination"

I'll start off saying that the images within this deck is gorgeous. I believe its creator is an artist and these are her own drawings. 

It's a very diverse deck as well which was another thing that drew me to it. Her drawings veer off from the Rider-Waite tarot but I myself am always looking for more modern decks where the images and meanings reflect more with current times.

card names not shown: *Nine of Pentacles *The Fool

I haven't fully worked with this deck as of yet. I've shuffled and blessed it. Right now, I'm not sure what aspect of my life I want to use it but I'll be using it soonish...

The stock of the cards is a bit thin for my taste but with the thinness, it does make the cards easier to shuffle. Also, with the original deck through kickstarter, those cards were edged in a lighter greenish color so I decided to edge my deck with a darker green marker. I do love the look of it..

All and all, I love the deck. It's easy to shuffle and the artistry of the cards is truly amazing. I love each image I've come across so far. The Light Seer's Tarot is available via various site where you purchase books and the such or you can purchase it directly though it's Publisher

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