Every New Year by Katrina Jackson

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

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Published: December 31, 2019
Format: ARC (eBook)
Series: Love At Last, Book 1
Genre: Romance, Contemporary
Available: Amazon
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I truly enjoyed this story but I’m gonna tell ya’ll Candace worked my damn soul, lols. Let’s get into Every New Year by Katrina Jackson.

Both Candace and Ezra have loved and low key stalked one another since their college days. They just could never expressed said love for one another in voice. Sure…puppy dog eyed looks, jumping to conclusions about how the either might have felt, missed social cues… sure all of that. But to tell each other how the other felt? What is that like? Lols. Especially given that everyone around them saw and knew that these two belonged together.

Anyhoo’s, loved the set-up of Every New Year. Ms. Jackson sets each chapter up by dates and by given us past and future story-lines. I really thought we were going to get a NA story first and I didn’t want to see it because I have a kid in college and I don’t want to know certain things lols. But I appreciated the author for given us the different time lines for context. It was stellar.

Candace and Ezra…lawd lawd. I loved the socially awkward college aged Ezra, he was too cute and so was college aged Candace. I would have totally walked up to them and been like “Ya’ll so damn cute” and they would have been embarrassed lols.  But… these two. Whew jeezus, Katrina Jackson sure knows how to give us emotionally confused characters. I truly wanted to fight both of them (even though I loved them). They were so pure and so stupid all at the same time lols. Ezra too shy even at his grown age in thinking that Candace was some precious jewel to behold. And Candace too caught up in her feelings of self-doubt to realize that the man who loves her beyond reason…just couldn’t love her. Ugh, I wanted to smack them both in the back of the heads at times throughout this read. Thank goodness, they had friends to tell them “why ya’ll so stupid?” lols. Not in those exact words but you get it.

I was emotionally wrecked reading Every New Year. Ups and Downs baby but it was well worth the emotional roller-coaster. I think that Candace and Ezra are good examples of almost letting a good thing past you by. But you know this author gave us a HEA.

At the end of it all, Every New Year is a A+ read. 
I love a good solid story and Ms. Jackson give us that. 
Add it to your TBR list.

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