Good JuJu by Najah Lightfoot | Prosperity and Abundance Ritual

Monday, January 6, 2020

Hey Babes!

We are six days into 2020, wow! How ya'll doing so far?

This is my first (well not really) non book review post. I mean probably not...shoot, I don't know lols. I haven't fully read Good JuJu by Najah Lightfoot as of yet. I skimmed through it to see the goodness that is this book. I'll do a full review later on this year but as I was skimming, I came across one ritual that I wanted to try and trying it I am...actually today when I get back in the house.

This ritual is a prosperity and abundance one. And as Ms. Lightfoot states, it should be done when the moon is in its waxing state...which started already but I'm doing it tonight.

First things first, we need the items to perform this ritual:

I also need a carving tool which I have but didn't include in the pictures *shrugs*. After doing what needs to be done with the items above, Ms. Lightfoot also gives us a prayer to say over our candle once its anointed. Below is the start of it:

I mean who doesn't need some prosperity and abundance in their life? This girl needs it all 😃. I'm so excited to get this done.

Are you practicing any spiritual goals this year? comment below and let me know. 

Welp, that's it for now. Until the next time...lata days babes!

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