Lowdown Dirty by Holley Trent

Friday, January 24, 2020

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Published: September 8, 2019
Self Published
Format: eBook (Kindle)
Genre: Romance
*Kink, BDSM
Available: Amazon | BN
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I haven’t read a Holley Trent book in a damn minute and I think that Lowdown Dirty was a good trip back into her work.

Tim Down and Valerie Lawson have their kinks, he’s a dom and she’s a sub. Although Valerie is on hiatus, Tim is interesting to her and she doesn’t want interesting but she needs it.

Lowdown Dirty is a slow burn kink read, even though the sex between them moves pretty quickly…the romance itself is slow building and I’m not sure if I was mad at that or not, lols. Valerie wanted someone to take care of her, kinda needed it but she fought what Tim was offering. And I got it, she was used to being in charge by assisting her Grandmother in taking care of her sister; she also watched her mother loose herself to a man...so again, I got it but lawd and heaven on high…she worked my soul. I was like woman, just fuck this man or something because whew! She was stressing Tim and myself out. It was one point in the story where he told her he knew his worth and didn’t chase women around but he chased her silly ass. He then proceeded to fuck the shit outta her, I was like:

That was a good ass scene Holley. Had me sit up in my bed lols.

I think the author did a good job of building the tension and issues between our main protagonists. Tim had his own shit going on with a teenage son whom imo should have been in jail but privilege and all that. He really wanted to settle down again but felt like nothing as far as relationships go were working in his favor until Valerie came along. I like that he wanted to fight for her but didn’t get pushy with her either, he was willing to let her go figure out what she needed to. Very different Dom vibes with him.

All and All, I like this story. I had some good ass chuckles while reading. Holly Trent has a wicked sense of humor and it shows in LD. The side characters where a good ride as well, especially Tim’s ex-wife Heidi. I wished I had that kind of relationship with my ex but every time I try, he just fucks it up and then I want to fuck him up…so. Anyhoo’s if you have a thing for kink in your romances, add Lowdown Dirty to your reading list. Like I said, it’s a slow burner but at the end of it all, I thought it was worth getting to the end. Four stars.

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