The Garden of Eden: A Romance Stand-Alone by Millie Belizaire

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

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Published: December 20, 2019
Series: No
Self Published
Genre: Romance
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Ya’ll, this book! Ugh so damn good. Millie Belizarie did such a good ass job telling this story.

Both Eden and Drew are emotionally conflicted characters but IMO this is what made them so…appealing. Both are dealing with demons that ring so true to life…bitch! Imma tell ya’ll I was feeling some things while reading, not sure if they were good, bad or both but I felt them!

Ms. Belizaire’s story telling is so descriptive and flowed well on these pages, I really felt like I was in New Orleans with Eden and Drew. I had all the gahtdam feels. Listen, if this is a master at their craft, I don’t know what tf is. Telling this story with characters who are dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina was stellar. Drew and Anika (his lover and best friend) are the kind of characters I want to read about when it comes to telling the stories of people dealing with lost and pain. Neither really recovered from the lost they suffered after the storm and baby; they are still dealing. Especially Drew. His relationship with this Father and the church. Man, I felt it…I feel it. But what I loved so much about Drew’s character is that he was dark in a soothing calming way. He was still there for anyone that needed him to be even while going through his own shit. Bitch…he is different, and I love this author for portraying him as such. Not writing this man as an abuser (because of his past and using it as an excuse) in any shape or form is amazing and I give this author deep props for it. The only thing Drew mucked up for me was the Anika situation, but I got it….

Eden had her own set of shits EVEN though she was a Grammy winning RnB artist. Insecurities plague her emotions and body. The people around her love her but don’t really SEE her. I love the fact that the author talks about Eden’s body issues because yes thin women have body dysmorphia too. Instagram models got everybody fucked up out here. The only thing Eden mucked up for me was the baby issue, but I got it….

All and all I really did love this story, Drew and Eden played well off each other even though they annoyed my soul at times, lols. TGOE is a chunker but the length of this book did the story justice. This would not have worked as a novella or short as there is “too much” to tell and this is good thing. It’s a slow burner romance so if that’s your “jush”, then definitely grab this one up.

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*Thank to the author for gifting me The Garden of Eden: A Romance and for the opportunity to read/review. 

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