When The Side N*gga Catch Feelings by Jessica N. Watkins

Friday, January 31, 2020

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Published: October 22, 2019
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Book 1
Genre: Urban Romance
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What a title huh? This beautiful people is what you would call a "Urban" romance. 

Lets get into this here thing! 

I think author did a good job of keeping the drama going in WTSNCF and chile...listen, it was a-lot. I do feel like the themes here are typical for this genre; cheating, drugs, backstabbing, abuse, murder and other assortments of crazy. I won't knock the author for that. 

Four characters. Heaven, Treasure, Ross and Vegas. All caught up in the dysfunctions that are their lives and being hood rich isn't helping said dysfunctions not nere damn bit. It only perpetuates the messy things that continue to go on around them. Heaven and Treasure though solve their "issues" by each taking on a side dude and by doing that, they both bring on drama like they've never seen...shit really gets real. These women thought they were playing chess when it was very obvious, they were playing checkers.  

Now, what gets me about urban romances is the non-solving of the issues these characters are dealing with. But with *some* urban stories, the authors of these books aren't expecting their readers to go into the story to find out why these men/women continue to cheat or stay with abusive partners. Their readers aren't going into these stories to see if the characters come to some sort of resolution for the trauma constantly inflicted on them. Their readers are going into these stories for the knock-out over the top drag you by your hair drama. The ratchet, ghetto mess of it all and there is nothing wrong with that. These stories have their niche. 

As far as the audio format of WTSNCF, I think the narrators did a good job of voicing the characters emotions and scenes. This one definitely needed multiple narrators and thank gawd it happened. 

When the Side N*gga Catch Feelings is definitely one of those books to add your reading or listening pleasure if the genre is for you. And even though this might be your kinda tea, its a-lot... so tread carefully. 

Trigger warnings: domestic physical abuse and assault.

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