Captured by Beverly Jenkins

Monday, February 24, 2020

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Published: September 29, 2009
Series:The LeVeq Family #3
Format: eBook (Kindle)
Genre: Historical Romance
Available: BN | Amazon
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If you’re going into Captured thinking that you’re getting a “pirate romance”, think again. In a sense, yes Captured is just that as our main protagonists do some spend time at sea and Dominic is a captain of a pirate ship but more of the liking to Robin Hood of the sea…. Or at least that’s what I thought about it.

What I liked so much about Captured wasn’t so much the story of these two people finding love, it is kind of swoon worthy. But for me, it was the history that this author incorporated in the pages of the book. Ms. Jenkins does not shy away from the terrible gruesome history of slavery and the trans-Atlantic slave trade. I do feel at times, that this history does overpower the romance of Captured but if you’re one of those readers that’s always complaining about accuracy in historical romances, then this book is for you…. Unless you have an issue with reading about slavery and its horrors.

Book three in Ms. Jenkins LeVeq series tells us the story of Dominic Leveq, a mixed raced pirate and Clare Sullivan, a young slave rescued by Dominic when his ships attacks the one she is on. Clare doesn’t want to be rescued because she has children and she’d rather stay enslaved by Violet (who was a violent white woman who owned her) then be freed. Dominic in his quest to keep Clare as his convinces her to let him accompany her back to the States in an effort to free her children and get them all back safely to his home in Cuba.

I enjoyed Captured. And even though the romance does get a little lost along the way, the times it did come up, it was good. I think what got me to love the book so much is Dominic’s care of Clare when he was with her. Him taking his time with the romancing of her. Having children did not mean Clare knew what love was because as we read from history, we know Black slaves were forced to copulate so that the plantations could have more workers. Again, Ms. Jenkins does not shy away for the hard truths and that’s appreciated.

I would be interested in the stories of Dominic’s ship mates as well so I’ll I have to go back and see if there are books about them and this island, they have made home as well. If you’re a fan of historical romances, then I say add this one to your reading list

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