Just One More by Jodie Slaughter

Thursday, February 13, 2020

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To Be Published: February 14, 2020
Series: No
Format: eARC
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Available: Amazon
*Kindle Unlimited
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When a otherwise Uber ride from hell turns into two people finding their forever, this is Just One More.

Jodie Slaughter sets up this romantic Valentines Day release where our two protagonists Whitney and Vic who have a special place in their hearts for the day meet and decide to end the day by spending it with each other. That day turns into a weekend as our couple love on one another. Now both Whitney and Vic have to decide if their days spent together where just enough or if there is a future for them to explore the growing feelings they experienced.

Ms. Slaughter gives us instant attraction, a bit of humor, and sexy love scenes wrapped up with two people who were likable and... cute af. And let's not forget about the pink heart-shaped cupcakes (Imma go get me some too, lols). It was easy to fall for both Whitney and Vic. It was easy to fall for this story given that it was created in a space free of drama. Listen Linda...give me more of these stories because I am loving tf out of them.

This is the perfect book whether you're boo'd up or single trying get someone to put a ring on it to enjoy over this weekend. I say grab it up and add it to your reading list quickly.

*Thank you to the author for the opportunity to read/review.

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