Still in Love By Delaney Diamond

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Hey Babes!

Happy Hump...mfing...Day! I hope your week is going good. Mines, lols.

Anyways, I started a "series" on the blogs Instagram channel where I do five-ten minute books reviews. This will probably become a staple where the video will premiere on IG first and then after a week, I'll post it to YouTube. It will probably help me as far as getting my content to folks who don't follow me everywhere.

Still In Love by Delaney Diamond is probably like my official one although I have like two before it. I think I'm going to rename the series...eventually because I do include some of my written reviews on Instagram too so....
But I'm seriously am trying to have all things I do coincide with the blog. I'm getting better at it, still have a ways to go though.

Anyway's I'm getting all off point, first video is below:

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