February 2020 Wrap-Up

Thursday, March 5, 2020

Hey Babes! Happy March 😃

February was a pretty decent month! I read some books, did some other stuff...
Here is it all.

A grid of just some of the books I read via the Blogs Instagram...are you following?😇
Follow me on Goodreads to see all I read in the month.

I also did a couple of #YouTube videos...
https://youtu.be/k1IMBDAae5g (book review-Nicole Falls New Beginnings seies)
https://youtu.be/ou0aL9cBBzA (book review-Still In Love by Delaney Diamond)
https://youtu.be/OC1v0Eza2d4 (movie review-A Brothers Honor)

I did a #Podcast episode too!

So you see, not bad at all. Let's hope March goes the same way.

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